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Olá pessoal! No último post criamos a nossa primeira Activity, e entendemos um pouco sobre Intents! No post de hoje vamos entender um pouco mais sobre resources no Android e criar um layout para a nossa Activity. Preparados? Para o tutorial de hoje, vamos…

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Olá pessoal! Dando prosseguimento a nossa série de tutoriais, hoje vamos criar a nossa primeira Activity, entender o que ela é e como funciona, além de uma noção geral sobre Intents! Vamos lá? No último post criamos um projeto no famoso estilo Hello…

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Olá pessoal! No último post sobre Android, vimos como configurar o ambiente para programarmos, utilizando o Android Studio. Neste post, vamos ver como criar um projeto no famoso estilo Hello World, e um dispositivo virtual para a executarmos o aplicativo.…

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Desde o último post que explicava a configuração do ambiente de desenvolvimento para Android, tivemos pelo menos uma mudança bem drástica. Se antes utilizávamos o Eclipse, hoje utilizamos o Android Studio, uma versão da poderosa IDE IntelliJ IDEA,…

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Seems that Google Repository's maven-metadata.xml is wrong for all submodules of Google Play Services. The folder has all the versions but the maven-metadata.xml only contains 7.8, making all our CI builds to fail after update (of any app using an older version). Did anyone noticed this?

Someone knows a better way to set a proxy into emulator without starting it from command line directly?

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Today’s 30-second #AndroidDev #Protip from +Ankur Kotwal is about lockscreen media controls on Android L.

Android L is bringing notifications to the lockscreen [0]. Your app can now provide media playback control from the lockscreen through a notification. This gives your app more control over the presentation of media buttons and playback information, while providing  a consistent experience for users across the lockscreen and unlocked device.

Along with this change, lockscreens on Android L no longer show media controls based on RemoteControlClient. To ensure that users retain access to media controls on the lockscreen, we strongly recommended that media apps update with the following changes for Android L as soon as possible.         

To provide a consistent user experience for media controls in notifications, Android L introduces the Notification.MediaStyle template. On previous versions of Android, media apps had to use custom RemoteViews to present playback status and controls as a notification - on Android L, MediaStyle provides the controls for you. It converts up to 6 actions added with Notification.Builder.addAction() into clickable icons—perfect for play/pause, seek, shuffle, favorites, etc—and even allows you to show one or two of those buttons in the compact (un-expanded) form of the notification. 

To migrate to Android L’s media notifications, the following steps are recommended:
1. Call setVisibility(Notification.VISIBILITY_PUBLIC) to mark your media notification as safe to reveal on the lockscreen, even when it is secured with a PIN/pattern/password. This is the bare minimum you should do.
2. Update your notification to use MediaStyle to use media features on L such as compact actions.

The sample code below shows how to create a simple media style notification and have its contents revealed on the lockscreen:
  Notification notification = new Notification.Builder(context)
    // show controls on lockscreen even when user hides sensitive content.
    // Add media control buttons that invoke intents in your media service
    .addAction(R.drawable.ic_prev, "Previous", prevPendingIntent) // #0
    .addAction(R.drawable.ic_pause, "Pause", pausePendingIntent)  // #1
    .addAction(R.drawable.ic_next, "Next", nextPendingIntent)     // #2
    // Apply the media style template
    .setStyle(new Notification.MediaStyle()
      .setShowActionsInCompactView(1 /* #1: pause button */)
    .setContentTitle("Wonderful music")
    .setContentText("My Awesome Band")

Start updating playback controls of your media app to take advantage of the new and consistent media control capability in Android L. Check out for more detail.

[0] Lockscreen notifications
[1] If your app uses RemoteControlClient
[2] Android L Developer Preview API Overview
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Olá pessoal! A Concrete Solutions, empresa que trabalho atualmente, está com várias vagas em aberto, inclusive para desenvolvedores Android. Caso tenham interesse, podem me contatar ou se candidatar diretamente pelo site da Concrete:

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I believe that we can create awesome fitness app with this :)

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