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Improbable Island
Text Adventure for grown-ups.
Text Adventure for grown-ups.

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The island is having its first server downtime in four years, due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. We should be back up within a couple of hours.

Random Heart competition entries: GO!

New story going up, probably tonight or tomorrow. Not Rohit, not Watcher, not Stern, not Punishment, not the Stranger. Something new...

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Right now I'm inserting colour codes into Rohit's new story, and escaping quotes. Getting ready to put it all into output() statements, so that I can start on turning it into code. This is the part of writing for computer games that you don't get to do with other sorts of writing; this is where the text stops being a story in itself, and becomes a series of components that will eventually go inside a machine that tells a story. This is where I assemble all the parts, wire them up, check continuity, oil springs, and attach the harness that connects to the rest of the Island. It's a very satisfying part of the process. :)

I'm working on the next part of Rohit the Robot's story. It's working out longer than expected, so I'm splitting it into two parts, which I'm tentatively calling "Conversations with Rohit" and "Rohit and Stern." The break between the two parts will involve a somewhat unique game mechanic, and I feel confident in predicting that you won't guess what it is. :)

(feel free to try, mind!)

Last night I fixed a bunch of fiddly little bugs that weren't big enough to warrant an MotD - sorted out the player list so that characters in Places are shown in their proper locations, fixed some typos and formatting problems, sorted out a few little things with the Petition system, changed some hotkeys to prevent accidental doing-of-things-that-cost-Supporter-Points, a few other little odds and ends.

Hello people! Just a quick reminder, to save us from getting into an embarrassing situation - Improbable Island is only for players aged eighteen and over. We don't go around hunting for underage players, but when one turns up, we always ban and erase without exception.

So that means, if you're an unusually mature teenager who's managed to avoid detection for ages, don't go bloody giving yourself away on Google Plus, 'cause it'd be silly all around. I'm not gonna look at your profile or whatever and check you're of age, so please don't give anything to worry about.

Tonight I'm working on my Massive List of Bugs. :)

Figured I might as well make an "Official" Improbable Island page, since there are a bunch of fan-run pages on FaceBook. :)
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