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Nicole Ortega
Life alchemy: inner work for outer transformation.
Life alchemy: inner work for outer transformation.

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Shark Tank is terrible for your business because it undermines your self-authority. And of course, self-authority is EVERYTHING. Without a strong foundation, a strong sense of self, you will not succeed as an entrepreneur. #hardtruths  

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Stuck on whether to use your personal name vs a brand name for your biz?

Don't feel bad. A looot of people get stuck on this dilemma. I sure did when I first got started! Lea Woodward did a great job putting this together. Check out the slides, and just make a decision.

It's better to act on this and get started now, vs hold yourself back. Your mission and your message matter.

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This right here is why Fall is my absolute favorite season of all.
Get a Blanket and Pass Me The Wine - Central Park, NYC

The most fascinating park in the middle of a city. What a gorgeous place.

You can see more of my work at

Fuji XT1

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This made my heart soar today. The mandala part is great, but this quote right here was the bee's knees!

"The journey to the dream is where you develop the qualities you need to live the dream."

In this article, Andrea Schroeder talks about creativity, intuition, mandalas, and why we shouldn't look for shortcuts through life. 

Love, love, <3 !

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Jennifer Murphy wrote this awesome piece today. It's about spirituality getting hijacked by the ego. You know, those people who are "so spiritual" but they're also "so in your face about how spiritual they are!" Check it out, it's a goodie!


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All the parts of our life are interconnected. This is why it's so important to have your body, mind and soul working together. You won't be caring about work when you're sick (unless you have Capricorn in your chart, heh) Here's a post I've written on how to help that process along:

"In this life you are the music of your soul played upon an instrument. The playing of this instrument increases the value, the intensity, the expressiveness of your soul."

-Listening In: Dialogues with the Wiser Self

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I love Danielle LaPorte's approach to personal development. She's so raw and real. Lately she's been on this kick of less-is-more. I love anything that takes the pressure off of life. The message is clear: "stop trying so hard, let go, love, and live" It really can be that simple. It takes a big shift in perspective to get to that point though. Every journey is as individual as the person.

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Omg this is all kinds of awesome! Can I have this in my house please!?
How to Create a Secret Doorway Behind a Bookcase

See the full Ideabook here:

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My latest blog article is about organization. I have a love/hate relationship with organizing and cleaning. I love, love, love it when my house is clean and tidy, but I hate to do it! I have a different perspective now and I'm ready to stop hiding behind my clutter. Check it out here:
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