Hello to my Google+ friends. I just wanted to share a milestone of mine w/ you. When I was 15 months old my mum & dad set me on fire by sitting me on a gas stove & spraying me w/ lighter fluid. I had more procedures than I'd like to remember for the first 21yrs of my life. Approximately a year ago I had to back in to see the doctor's again. I lost all blood flow in my left leg. The pain was incredible but I really thought that the doctors would fix me up and I'd be off and running again. But that's not what happened, they came in my room and told me that they had to remove my leg. A below knee amputation.
At first it hit me like a ton of bricks. I just didn't think they were going to say that. I thought the worst was over. I just stared at the floor crying. I felt defeated. My mind was racing, how do I fix this? What am I going to do? Then I just told myself to get up, get dressed, they're wrong. I looked at the doctor and told him he was wrong and I was going home. I got up, dressed myself and left. On my way out they yelled, "please go pick up your medicine at your primary care." I did go get the medicine to help control the pain. I was so scared. I was called to set up the operation, once again I told them they were wrong and I was going to prove it. I got on my laptop and started researching. I came up w/ an idea of using electricity. To stimulate my muscles in my leg, which in return would bring a blood flow. I found a device people use to stimulate their muscle in there abs, you know when they don't want to do real crunches. I hooked it up to my leg for 30 mins three times a day. Later on after seeing the results I went to my primary care and told him what I was doing. I showed him my results. He wasn't too happy about the fact that I used myself as a guinea pig. But was blown away by my results. He then told me about a medical device called a Tens unit, which did the same thing but stronger and I could control the electric current much more accurately. I still treat myself daily but I just came back from Florida celebrating my one year anniversary of still having my leg. But not only that the pain is receding. So in celebration I went surfing in Cocoa Beach, Florida. So my new moto is, If it's important you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse. I'm now in the process of enrolling in the American Public University to become an Enviomental Scientist. Anyway, thank you for letting me share my story milestone w/ you.
Blessed be, Joe´╗┐
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