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Ben Breen
Growth Marketing Advisor to #Fintech Startups
Growth Marketing Advisor to #Fintech Startups

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We're on the verge of sleepwalking back to the 1970s. And likely dragging the rest of Europe with us.

I'm saddened for the plight of our country and our children.

Still... it's not quite over yet.

Every vote counts.

Vote for...

... Hope over fear.

... Bridges over walls.

... Connection over isolation.

... Inclusion over exclusion.

... Interdependence over independence.

... Optimism over pessimism.

... Wonder over nostalgia.

... Harmony over xenophobia.

... Let's take our country forward, not back.

... You get the idea!


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Sir Richard Branson talks about why he's voting to REMAIN in the EU.

Excellent points from someone who knows what it was like to do business in the Dark Ages before we had a EU and the Single European Market.

#StrongerInEurope not #Brexit

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Latest newsletter on growing a #fintech startup. 

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Latest issue of the Beyond Fintech newsletter.

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My latest post on how #fintech #startups can learn from the mistakes that continue to be made by bank & credit union marketers.

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Will the #fintech bandwagon reach critical mass in 2016? I don’t know, but a new survey by EY suggests it might.

In this post, I take a look at the top reasons consumers are ditching the banks for fintech, AND the top reasons why they aren't.

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My latest post on why going all-out to grow your startup isn't necessarily the right thing to do, right now...

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Ultimately, there are only three ways to grow your business...

  #growth   #marketingstrategy   #fintech  

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After 12 years I finally traded in my old 3-series for a (nearly) new car.

Here's the surprising thing I learned about buying a car in 2015:

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Argh! Just came off the phone to a local trades company. First thing they asked me when I called was: "What's your invoice number?"

Don't do this to your customers. It just annoys and alienates them.

Why should they know YOUR invoice, or customer, or ticket number?

Instead, ask them something they do know like: their name, their phone number or their address.

Keep the customer happy :)

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