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Tony Ruscoe
Senior UX Engineer and Frontend Tech Lead at Google interested in baking, whisky, beer, food, genealogy, and Back to the Future.
Senior UX Engineer and Frontend Tech Lead at Google interested in baking, whisky, beer, food, genealogy, and Back to the Future.

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Sweet Potato Buns

Ridiculously excited about trying these Sweet Potato Buns! After having a burger on a potato roll in New York, I was determined to find a good recipe. If these taste as good as they look, they might replace brioche as my favourite burger bun! 😄 🍔

Recipe based on this:
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I’ve had this playing on repeat since yesterday morning. In true Albert Man style, it’s packed with lyrics that’ll put a smile on your face and catchy melodies that’ll turn into friendly earworms. “Crank up the hi-fi!”
Albert Man's album CHEAP SUIT is out now and it makes me so happy! Have a listen, hope you enjoy it

Google Play:

#albertmanmusic #new #album #unsigned #singer #songwriter #party #time

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I finally got my Mini Flux Capacitor Signature Edition set which I backed on Kickstarter in November 2014. These are really well engineered and absolutely stunning!

Get yours:
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Want to support an upcoming singer-songwriter? My half-German Mancunian friend Albert Man has 2 days left to raise 46% of his goal, which will help him finish his new CHEAP SUIT album. Check out his new music video for a track from the album and more videos on his YouTube channel (, then pledge to pre-order the album:

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Looking forward to trying these beers from my new local brewery.

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Happy New Year Pie.

Here’s the recipe, except I switched the cheese crust for puff pastry:

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YouTube Kids now available for Android and iOS in the UK and Ireland

If you let your kids watch YouTube on your phone or tablet, I recommend downloading the YouTube Kids app.

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I finished reading this last week. Well worth £1.99!

Here’s my review:

This book kept me glued to my Kindle screen for a couple of days. The author has created believable characters – complete with platonic love/hate relationships and friendly beer-fuelled banter – and thrown them into extraordinary but credible digital-age situations made more plausible by the detailed descriptions of London, cultural references, and just enough technical detail for gadget geeks.

Fast-paced action and adventure perfectly balanced with entertaining comedy. I can’t wait to read Don’t Play!
If you like to read books about crime, mystery, action and adventure, or if you’d just like to support a friend of mine who published his first novel today, go and buy this technothriller ebook:

Don’t Reply: A Sam Edwards Thriller by +Mark Smart

You've been selected at random for a chance to win £1000. Reply YES to be entered into a free prize draw, or reply STOP to stop future texts.

I read a few chapters of the draft a while ago and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. I’m now up to Chapter Nine and I’m still hooked!

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