Great New Mobile Marketing Study by Forrester

What is interesting to us is the massive growth of #qrcodes and the amount of mobile traffic that is generated by a mobile website vs. native mobile apps.

#Realtors should think about this as you decide how to launch your mobile presence. Not only is a mobile website less expensive than developing multiple native apps but it also appears as though the mobile web is where you will get most of your traffic.

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Tablets Driving Larger Sale Amounts And QR Codes Are Kicking Butt!

In this study a few things are apparent:

1. Tablets are driving larger sales orders than desktop and smartphone

2. Tablets accounted for 3.2% of all web sales

3. Mobile Ad budget account for less than 4% of total ad budgets (WHAT?!)

4. 75% of retailers said they use QR Codes for in-store marketing

5. QR Codes are number 1 mobile marketing tool for retailers with less than $10mil in sales and over $100mil in sales

6. Search is number 1 mobile website driver

7. 73% of mobile web traffic is web-based vs. native app based

8. 49% of retailers surveyed plan to invest in QR Codes in 2012

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