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Great Social Media Landscape for 2014.
The Infographic contains an overview of SEO, Brand Awareness, Customer Communication and Traffic Generation related to the 2014 Social Media Landscape


More Infographics on my Pinterest Board:
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A great way to track the production time of quality content.
5 Personal Writing Metrics To Track

Tracking personal writing metrics can make you a more prolific writer. More importantly, it can also make you more money, especially if you combine your personal metrics with other marketing metrics to get insights that other content marketers don’t have.

I think tracking these types of things are smart, if for no other reason than to quantify how much time you're spending on one task versus another. For me there are often trade offs of industry reading, blogging and client work. So knowing how much time blogging takes is a good thing.

My one word of caution here is that being prolific doesn't mean you're being successful. Even if in the short-term you're making more money (If you're actually writing for money) the question becomes whether the demand for your content goes up or down? 

Would taking more time and writing a better piece help you to raise prices in the future? (The answer in many ways is yes.) 

So track these things but don't be a slave to them.

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Learn how content marketers can combine personal writing metrics, like production time, with performance metrics, like conversion, to get valuable insights.
Save the date! The #Marketing Nation's Road to Success Virtual Event is back on 5/15! Register now!  #mktgnation14
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This is free virtual event put on by +Marketo 

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So now you know.
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Really :-) 

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For anyone who isn't sure Why they should use Google+.
This is HILARIOUS...and so true. Get out there my Google+ friends. +Patrick Wagner you will love this one!
What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

Patrick Wagner

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Keep it simple SEO, great way to score your websites SEO ranking factors.
How to Score Your Website’s SEO in 10 Minutes or Less 

Many digital marketers know a lot of details about SEO, but they have trouble with the big picture.
One of the most important skills you can develop is getting a quick snapshot of a website’s SEO. All it takes is ten minutes. And you don’t need any expensive tools.
You can use this step-by-step process to determine your own website’s health, to find out how your competitors are doing, and to discover what needs to be done to improve your SEO.
What I’m going to show you here is a broad overview process. This doesn’t get into the nitty-gritty of a full SEO analysis, nor does it explore offsite SEO in a detailed way. The goal is quick-and-dirty pulse-taking.Here’s the process:

  *Step 1:  Find out the domain authority
 *Step 2:  Determine the site load time
 *Step 3:  Check for a sitemap
 *Step 4:  Check the robots.txt
 *Step 5:  Check for meta content
 *Step 6:  Check for H-tags
 *Step 7:  Check for onsite content
 *Step 8:  Test keywords. #SEO #website’s #google #Keywords

Read more at here : 
Google Search gets smarter. It can now solve math problems for you.
Google expanded their OneBox answers this month with the added ability to solve math problems.
Google expanded their OneBox answers this month with the added ability to solve math problems. The announcement was made earlier this month, but it kind of

Patrick Wagner

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2014 - Go Local 8 tips for Google+ local pages!

We are firm believers that this will cause an industry uplift wheter it be a success or not!

#googleplus   #googleplustips   #seo   #search   #localseo  
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I've always seen that in the results but its amazing how my folks still want one.
"Adding a CAPTCHA to your lead generation forms will hurt your business more than some annoying spam will."
CAPTCHAs on your lead generation forms will hurt your business more than some annoying spam will. Capterra helps software companies reach their customers.

Patrick Wagner

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Interesting infographic on how thieves are using social media.
This is related to social media on a different way, and it's very important that we're beware of what and how we post on social networks!
Every single day i leave for work my greatest fear is that I'll get home and someone broke in and took my doggies! (yes, that's a thing, there are criminals who target homes because of the dogs (especially breeds)!!!!)
It's not enough that I have to worry about regular burglars, now I have to pay attention what I share and acknowledge SM burglars too! Ugh....
How Burglars Are Using Social Media
How is it done?
Location Data
What can you do to stop it?
Securing your home and property
Infographic by DistinctiveDoors:
Senior SEO Strategist & Search Engine Optimization Dude - It's all about Search! Search Engines, Image Search, Video Search, Voice Search, On-Site Search, Google Authorship & Knowledge Graph.
I was an early webmaster in the 90's where I learned to hand code HTML. I was the first web design & hosting ad in our Toronto Computer paper. I continued my success focusing on Internet Marketing & Web Design - at this point its 1997 and the dotcom buzz continues to grow and build. I was operating a successful and growing Internet Marketing & Affiliate training sites which made me one of the few profitable Dotcom start-ups at the time. After 9/11 I decide to consultant rather then build a new business online, this continued til 2004 when I had my first child. This only solidified my goals to spend more time with family, I continued to consult but I traveled less. In 2008, my trader friends & I could see the writing on the wall in both the US real estate market and stock market. This allowed me to sell at the right time in both markets & then re-enter heavily at the bottom of the meltdown. In 2012, my focus is to simplify and build my my Search Engine Optimization (SEO consultant), Social & Web Videos services, process and team.   SEO strategy is an on-going specialty which is why I completed my third book titled, "Futureproof your SEO".  Find out more about the Google Knowledge Graph with my blog post. Google Authorship is still a hot topic for 2013 so if you haven't already get yourself setup with my blog on the topic.

Gain a full understanding of Search including Social SEO, SEO Audit, Domain Authority, SEO Governance, Google Webmaster Tools, Backlinks, Keyword Research & SEO Training
Bragging rights
Proud Father of 4 + 1 Amazing Wife!
  • Stanford University
    Cryptography I, 2013 - present
    Learn about the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to apply this knowledge in real-world applications! This course explains the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and how to correctly use them. Students will learn how to reason about the security of cryptographic constructions and how to apply this knowledge to real-world applications.
  • University of Toronto
  • Athabasca University
    Information Systems
    Search Engine Algorithms and the search results they generate was my focus during my courses that helped me build a better understanding of the foundational elements regarding Information Systems aka. the InterWeb,
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    Senior SEO Analyst & Search Engine Strategist, 2012 - present
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Amazing food - I'm so happy to have found this place. The food is just the best in St. Catherines
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The food is some of the best in St. Catherines - including burgers that rival the Best in Toronto. The food is worth every penny, you can't find this quality anywhere else in St. Catherines. Try it - you'll love it! I did! A+++++++
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