A little hint: the default circles (Friends, Family, etc.) sort first in your list, but after that they sort alphabetically. So if you want to have full control over the order in which your streams show up, delete all the default circles (after moving the people in them to new circles; see https://plus.google.com/u/0/116222833568410151476/posts/ZPBagHecu9b for how to do that). Then name your circles in alphabetical order. You can go the geek route and use "01-First, 02-Second, 03-Third", or the slightly less geeky route, which I use, of just picking the ones I want at the top and prepending an @ sign to them. (The @ sign alphabetizes before any letter.) This also gives you an excuse to see the fantastic delete-circle animation.

This trick also works for Gmail labels, my first labels are "@me" and "@important" and "@todo".

Update: +Jean-Baptiste Queru tells me that the default circles aren't special, their names are. So if you want something to appear over "Friends", you'll have to name "Friends" differently; just creating a new "Friends" circle won't work.
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