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Christmas Home Tour 2016
Merry Christmas everyone!  I have gotten quite a bit of new Christmas decor this year... Recycled Christmas at the Catholic Church is the best! It is so wonderful having a house to decorate... especially at Christmas. I changed a lot up from last year - and...

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Fall at our House
So, I didn't really think I could call this a "Fall Home Tour" like all y'all other real bloggers, Because...lets be honest, I basically just decorated the entry way and had enough fall decor to do one little vignette inside. ;)  But fall is beautiful all o...

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DIY Doily Runner
After FOUR years of collecting, it's finally complete! Well...that's a little bit of a lie.  I used tacky glue to keep all these pretty little ladies in place for hand stitching them together.  And, the stitching part hasn't exactly happened yet (sewing kin...

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Shabby Chic Wedding at a Polo Farm
Tomorrow marks my best friend's first anniversary! I posted last year about her shower gift before we made the trek from the northwoods down to Georgia for the big day. It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe that a wedding thrown together in months could have ...

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Tiny Vintage Camper Part 1: The Before Tour
WE BOUGHT A CAMPER!! You will mostly likely look at these pictures and think I'm crazy... But, it has been a dream of mine for a few years now to "one day" own a tiny vintage travel trailer. I have this Pinterest board,  I'm a Happy Camper , with tons of ti...

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French Linen Console Table Makeover
I shocked myself on this one.  I didn't distress it. I repeat - I DID NOT distress this table!  No chips, no scratches.  Just a smooth, waxed finish. I had been wanting to paint this previously scratched, orange-y, blah console table a creamy gray.  And I k...

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Light Valentine's Day Decor
I added just a touch of love to our dining area this year. I made a little XO bunting using some vintage floral and Valentine inspired scrapbook paper. A little "Love you more" pillow hangs from our chandelier. The heart cloths pins inspired this project. T...

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Before & Afters {Thus Far}
We've come a long way! We still have a long road ahead... Here is an update on how some of the rooms are currently looking... Bedroom 2 - which is currently being used as our master. (The master is the only room with the floor not done. It houses all of our...

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Christmas Home Tour 2015
Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a little look at some of the decorating I did this year. You can see some more of the progress on our fixer upper in this post. We've got it feeling nice and cozy for the holiday. A manger under the tree to remember why we ...

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Progress on the Home: A Few "Middle" Pictures
Good new friends!  Almost all of these pictures were taken before  we moved in! Which means, I am just behind on my blogging as usual. But it also means that there is even more done than what you are about to see in these pictures. BUT, if you missed the fi...
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