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delabs Technologies
Product Design - Industrial Automation and Instrumentation
Product Design - Industrial Automation and Instrumentation

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delabs Technologies - - Electronics Technology Resource. Industrial and Instrumentation Engineering - by +delabs

delabs is a One-Person Operation and has no representatives or agents.

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E5AR Digital Controllers - OMRON

E5AR Digital Controllers offer high speed,high precision, and multiple I/O and use a 5-digit, 3-row LCD display for high visual clarity.

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Jonard Industries and OK Industries

They have more than 100 years of Manufacturing Excellence with very specialized tools for the Telecommunication, Electronics and Computer Industries. Precision Tools, Devices and Instruments.

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Power SchmartModule - SchmartBoard

Variable Power Supply: -9, -12, +2.5, +3.3, +5, +9 and +12 volts. This is a bare PCB that can be populated using mostly through-hole or 100% surface-mount components. Customer can source parts using the attatched bill of materials.

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Bimetal disc thermostats - Series 08-02 - Fenwal Controls

"Series 08-02 bimetal disc thermostats feature current capacities up to 12A at 240VAC measuring .350" in height. An optional epoxy seal provides additional protection against contamination."

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Allen-Bradley - Automation PLC and Control

Products include integrated control and information platforms, intelligent motor control and industrial components.

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Electronic Test Equipment from Tucker Electronics

Tucker Electronics offers New and Refurbished Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Meters, Counters and Power Supplies from quality manufacturers.

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Hameg Instruments - Test and Measurement

"HAMEG is now getting closer to Rohde & Schwarz"
Designer and manufacturer of measuring instruments for industry, science, universities and schools.

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6240 Micro-Ohmmeters - Chauvin Arnoux

The 10A Micro-Ohmmeter Model 6240 is a rugged, low resistance tester designed for both plant maintenance and field use.

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Software GUI Ergonomics

The GUI or graphic user interface must be of three types one for the 'novice' another for the 'expert' and lastly one for the 'hacker', a programmer should not assume that other users think like him. There needs to be 3 levels of GUI.
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