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Design Improvements and a Manufacturing Update
We want to give you an update on our Signal Enhancer manufacturing progress as we work toward shipping finished parts.  We've made a bunch of improvements to the design we demonstrated in our Indiegogo videos and we wanted to get as many of them as possible...

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Following up on Our Successful Indiegogo Campaign
Thanks to all who have supported our Indiegogo campaign! We have received our funds from Indiegogo and have started the production of the signal enhancers for fulfillment of Perks. We will keep you informed as we start to ship out the first units. For those...

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We Hit Our Initial Funding Target on Indiegogo!
A lot has happened with our funding campaign in the last few
weeks.  First, we moved to Indiegogo,
where we were able to guarantee shipment of Signal Enhancers regardless of
whether we hit our funding target.  But
then we surpassed our target, making the po...

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Founder/CEO: John Wilbur designed the first joystick for Pong-type
games, first coin-operated billiards game, the first
microprocessor-based coin operated game circuit boards, and invented the
first 80-column card for Apple Computers, allowing the Apple ...

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Burnside Lake
During the Superbowl, Dateline NBC aired a great episode entitled "Against All Odds," the story
of two people stranded at Burnside Lake, CA.  One lived and one died, but if they could have made a cell phone call, it never would have been a
tragic news sto...

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First Time User Navigates Her Way out of the Forest with the DOTS911 App
We've been asked several times how our phone app leads users back to their car, hotel, home, or some other safe location without requiring data service.  We put together a video of a first time user to help you understand how it works. We took Joan Luthra a...
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