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Which Hairstyle Do You Find More Attractive, with Bangs or Full Length?
  Here are the pictures of a young Japanese singer who updated her blog
and talked about her hairstyle. She just had a haircut. She really liked
her new hairstyle since she hasn’t had bangs in a long time. You can
see her former hairstyle at the upper le...

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Japanese Women Cannot Visit You Many Times without Certain Visa
If you have been corresponding with a Japanese woman for a while, we think
it is best for you to come to Japan
to meet her in person first instead of her visiting you in the US. The reason is that many of our Japanese female members who have visited
her lov...

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My October mission to interview single professionals in NYC has been completed. Thank you for making time, gentlemen!!! I am going to start having interviews for Japanese women in NYC in November. I am so excited to assist everyone who are finding true love.

#Japanese #NYC

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Speed Dating with Japanese Women & BBQ Party in NYC/NJ on Sep 13th & 14th in 2014 Some of our female members have already signed up. We look forward to meeting with you in NYC in September! M eet J apan L Personalized Ma...

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Relationships that Are Dominated by Money Usually Do Not Work
has come! It is
great time for our male members to visit Japan since they have summer vacation,
and many of them plan to visit Japan from July to September. In
Japan, we have several big national holidays in August and September, so the
summer is als...

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Don’t Ask About Her Past Relationships at The First Meeting with her
One of the reasons that first meetings often don’t work out is because men often ask about her past relationships. Men often ask her, “How many men have you met thorough MJL?” Is this really an important question for you to ask at the first meeting? Do you ...

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If You Are Over 50 and Want to Meet Younger Japanese Women …..
Have you ever thought about the age gap? As everyone knows, we only accept male and female clients who are looking for a marriage partner as a member. That means that our members’ purpose for joining is “Marriage”. Most Japanese women are looking for men wh...

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If You Expect Japanese Women to Have Higher Degrees
Some of our male members would prefer to
meet Japanese women who have masters or higher degrees. This may be because in
the US, people who have higher degrees can find better paying jobs. However..... >>>Click to read  M eet J apan L Personalized Ma...

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Announcement: Event in NY in September
MJL is planning to have an event for meeting Japanese women in NY in September. >>>Click to read more..... M eet J apan L Personalized Matchmaking Service for Professional Men & Sophisticated Japanese Women Singles Meetup i...

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Learning from The Movie “The Wind Rises”; Beauty is Important, But There Is Something More When You Choose a Lifelong Partner
Have you seen the
Hayao Miyazaki’s latest animation movie, “The Wind Rises”? It is one of the greatest movies of Hayao Miyazaki. My husband and I
went to the Charles Theatre in Baltimore one Friday night for our date night.
It was impressive and beautiful, ...
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