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Anybody know how you are supposed to login to the now back online ubuntuforums?!

Having never had or wanted an Ubuntu One account I understand I now need to register there first (using the same email address used with the old pre-hacked forums; so they are associated) in order to use the more secure SSO login.  Fair enough but Ubuntu One won't actually let me register!  All I receive is an error under my email address saying "this address cannot be used". Why?   Its not been registered there previously  and the error doesn't say its already registered, just it cannot be used with no clue as to why.  

Grasping at straws I even tried the I forgot my password link and entered said email address in the very longshot hope I had perhaps previously registered or something had at sometime already associated that address there.  No dice, no record of email.   

So what's the options now?  Just forget Ubuntuforums and give it up as a bad job I suppose? 

I'm not against the SSO login as although I have no desire for a One account I appreciate it will make the forums more secure but it just doesn't work.

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Wayne C

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Potential Homebuild PVR - What Hardware?

Looking for recommendations hardware wise for a PVR System build based on the following age old requirements:

 - As quiet as possible
 - Low power consumption
 - All in one box
 - As cheap as possible!
 - MythTV based using Linux Ubuntu / Mythbuntu
 - Full HD compliant - likely pushed through to an LED TV
 - RAM (Not so much a concern with current prices.  Probably have spare 4g  
   DDR2 around at moment).
 - HDD's - Most efficient / silent.  SSDs may be bit OTT?
 - PSU - What wattage likely to need? Quietestand most efficient?

I have some previous experience messing about with MythTV on Linux and would like to stick to this.  As for the TV feed side of things that has also been decided for me.  Only UK Freesat is available (Freeview is not an option) and I already have a TBS 6920 Satellite card in PCI-e flavour.

Where I start to get lost is with potential CPU's.  Whats the best choice for low power but decent performance and what sort of temperatures do these get upto at full tilt?  I don't want the fans sounding like a helicopter taking off.

What's the best sort of case for keeping sound levels and temperature down?  It will be on a rack under the TV along with hi fi  boxes so something that looks understated would be nice.

What motherboard?  Separate GPU card needed for HDMI out or can you get these straight off motherboards nowadays?

I realise an all in one box is going to need to be more powerful and go against my requirements somewhat but there are reasons for it; as much as I would love a separate media server the house has very limited scope for TV feed sockets with only one available in the main room and no chance of others getting fitted elsewhere.  My wallet is also very limited.

#mythtv   #pvr   #ubuntu   #mediaserver   #htpc  
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Wayne C
Ah, now I see.  I thought you meant it was doing it due to lack of ram space for this purpose.
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