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March 2nd is Old Stuff Day
Just a heads up March 2nd is Old Stuff Day A few years ago now warhammer39999 wanted to join a movement to rediscover lost gems from the world of
hobby blogs and it's still going strong today . To choose one or more of your own blogposts that you're most p...

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Birthday Bash 2.0 - Moar updates
A little over a week away until the Birthday Bash you can see I've been a busy boy preparing some objective cards. Here's the front of them with the Birthday Bash artwork. I've sliced and diced like a sushi chef over the last few weeks and got about 36 set ...

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Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], The final push
The final push and I couldn;t not do the company marking in each fin. That's the thing about 'freehand' even when it's not perfect you can still see the effort involved and it makes it al worthwhile. Each circle was stamped on in black with the end of a pla...

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Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 2
Havingspotted the gaping holes in the jets I knew I couldn't live with them unless they were filled like the Jetfighter. I got some DAS air drying clay, balled it up, dampened it and plugged each nacelle I used the cap off a Polycement tube to get the initi...

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Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], Pod 2 playing catch up
Another quick one, you see, I can paint those holes neatly [or at least neater]. I've pretty, much brought the pod up to the weathering stage now. Having done all the holes and door edges I also stamped the mumbers on the fins and found a pencil tube to sta...

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What's on my palette?
Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been nearly 3 months
so it's long overdue, although some of this has been covered in recent posts having it altogether will help me take stock and potentially make me stick to the plan.   After a period of intense...

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Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 1
I managed to pick up this Land Speeder Dark Shroud for £30 on ebay. It really is the missing link to make my Ravenwing that much more effective. I'll probably magnetise it too [ following for the Limey's guide ]. I don't see much chance of using the Vengean...

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Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights - METAL!
Quick post. These guys just really don't fit into my schedule but I wanted to crack on with them somehow. Luckily they're just base coats so I thought I could find some time in my lunch just to add some Warplock Bronze.  It is incredibly untidy, I'm hoping ...

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Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], Pod 1 numbering
Despite feeling confident to leave pod 1 well enough alone I felt the urge to add numbers. The original plan was awesome massive numbers on the door but I threw that idea out the window when the chapter markings looked alright as is. So instead it was numbe...

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Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], Pod 1 weathering
I'd had the opportunity to get a good few hours concerted effort in resolving the edges on the doors but moreover I was happy with the result. However, the process wasn't without a new issue in overspill from the orange getting on the green outside of the d...
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