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Jason Richea
A Father, Husband, Teacher, & Friend
A Father, Husband, Teacher, & Friend

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Let's Not Blame Netflix
Well it seems like the age-old debate in education is rearing it's ugly head again. On the one side, the great cry from schools, teachers, and some parents about banning social media & devices, while on the other its the students who don't want their digita...

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Innovation in my Classroom. #JASSLearns
"Here's the very FIRST installment of our #JASSLearns Blog Hop. We have had many conversations about Innovation this year, and therefore feel it would be beneficial to share our thoughts on what it means for each of us in our classrooms.   Also, be sure to ...

Hi everyone, new here as it was suggested I should ask the community the following question...

I'm setting up a google spreadsheet that will send out calendar event invites as well as update based on the status of those invites. I have a column that is 'Status' and for each person (row) I want it to update whether or not they have accepted the event. I'm using 'Event-o-matic' to send out the invites if that makes any difference. Does anyone know how? or if they have a script that they have used in the past?

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Design Day #GDD16
" Here's the next instalment of #Peel21st Blog Hop. We  thought we would continue to connect to the Ministry's  21st Century Competencies document and this time pair it with the Global Day of Design . So today was a challenge, design something, share it, an...

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Vow to Collaborate
" Here's the next instalment of #Peel21st Blog Hop. We  thought we would reflect on the 21st Century Competencies released by the Ministry  which discusses the core 21st Century skills that are essential elements in modern learning. We thought these compete...

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This session will be an introduction to using Google Forms.

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Just testing out Hangouts On Air

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This is for the Peel21st user community to learn more about using Google Drive, hear how others are using it, and ask any questions they may have about it.

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Passion Project
" Here's the next instalment of #Peel21st Blog Hop. This round it's all about student PASSION! Also, be sure to take a look at the blogs posted at the bottom, and hop from one to another to see some other best moments." In your current role, how have and/or...

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"I've 'decided' to join the #ossemooc Blog Hop around George Couros' book ' The Innovator's Mindset '. To start things off, we've decided to share our ideas around the concept of innovation. Enjoy! Also, be sure to take a look at the blogs posted at the bot...
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