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Longtime tabletop gamer, fantasy/sf/historical buff, game designer, publisher, and author...
Longtime tabletop gamer, fantasy/sf/historical buff, game designer, publisher, and author...

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My blog... mostly OSR / D&D with some other systems and general RPG material thrown in the mix. 

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The Lyni Islands, the first of three commissions done for author Diane Rose Wilson.

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Stars Without Number Community Content

This post's objective is to gather as much community made content as possible. Whether it's a list of new background packages, new equipment and weapons or even Psychic disciplines, you will find it here. As much as possible, credit will be given to the content creator and a link to the page will be provided.
If you want to contribute, simply add your own discoveries in this discussion thread and I will update this post to show it.
The content will be split in multiple categories so you can find what you want with more ease.

World Creation
Complete Sector Generator by N. Harrison Ripps -
World Terrain Generator by E.T.Smith -
Star System Generator by +Michaël DE BONA -
Planet and Society generator by +Will Shea -

Character Generation
More Background and Training Package by +Omer G. Joel -
Multiple additions for Psychics by +Will Shea -

Random piece of gear by +Sabastian Williams -
Quirky Guns & Weird Ammo by +Luke Gearing -
Pimp My Power Armour by +Luke Gearing -

Rustbuckets In Space by +Luke Gearing -

A really handy list of links from Reddit -
A SwN fanzine by +Omer G. Joel -
Multiple rules and clarifications by +dansk macabre -
Collection of handy Spreadsheet to help you create your Starship, vehicle and more by +B. Scot Hoover -
Star Trek rules for SwN by +Joshua Kubli -

French translation by +Jordan Raymond -

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I find historic pictorial maps (and also reconstruction drawings) a great inspiration for game locations. I used some renaissance ones for my Plague of Princes Fate Accelerated game, now I am hunting out ones suitable for a #Shardland flintlock fantasy. I found this one collected along with a lot more at

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Yowza! Skirmisher Publishing is in on the OSR sale too! Of particular note is their line of "Wisdom From the Wastelands" pdfs for use with Mutant Future.

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Fat Goblin Games is having a massive sale over at RPGNow. Tons of their titles are currently only $1.00. Titles on sale include Pathfnider Adventures and Supplements, The Gamemaster's Journal series, a handful of OSR products, maps, stock art, and more.

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Also on sale for $1.00 and of use for OSR games, or any game really, are Fat Goblin's Gamemaster's Journal series, which focuses on world building, campaign and adventure construction, and adventure logs.

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Fat Goblin games is having a crazy $1.00 sale on tons of their products on RPGNow. There are only seven OSR specific supplements, but you're sure to find something fun and useful among them.

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Goodman Games has 83 pdfs on sale as part of the OSR Extravaganza. Titles include the Dungeon Crawl Classics rule book, more DCC adventures than you can shake a stick at, some Castles and Crusades stuff, The Random Esoteric Creature Generator, the Points of Light Settings book, The Monster and Dungeon Alphabet books, and a small but interesting selection of X-Crawl adventures.
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