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The Customer Experience Is Key Differentiator For Companies

via Loyalty360

Customer Experience is no longer about the why or the how, but the how well, according to Diane Magers, Customer Experience Executive, AT&T.

During a session at, “How to Enable Change in Customer (and Associate) Centricity,” at the 4th annual Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo Magers said that by 2020, customer experience is expected to surpass product and pricing as the key differentiator for businesses seeking brand loyalty.

Magers focused on six key words to achieve this goal: Integrate, Leverage, Orchestrate, Engage, Enable, and Empower.

Every organization understands how important it is to be truly customer-centric, but actually embedding the customer experience into the fabric of an organization, ensuring that is a priority and driving force, is another story.

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Facebook-Based Campaigns Decrease User Engagement? ZipCar Sure Thinks So

via +MarketingSherpa, Courtney Eckerle

Being an international and socially-driven company, ZipCar had become concerned that the major social media platforms were undermining their social-based campaigns for a variety of reasons. They felt especially concerned with Facebook - and decided to do something about it.

"One of the things we had a big problem with was people just not being able to be involved in campaigns run on Facebook. Some people don't have (use) Facebook, and some find the Facebook experience frustrating because of the log in, especially via mobile web, said Tom Hillman, Mobile and Social Marketing Manager for ZipCar International..

Thus, their "Test Car" campaign was born. The strategic thinking behind it was to reinforce their members, and show non-members, that ZipCar is global. However, they did this by using their "owned media" as a spring-board (e.g., using landing pages, microsites, and email marketing).

They set up goals in the "Test Car" competition for how members and non-members would like to enter. They also established a workflow on how to follow-up with non-members via email (prompting them to join the club - often with a discounted membership or special offer because they entered the competition).

Said Hillman, "We kind of blocked a lot of people out in the past, especially in our member-base - not all of which were on Facebook."

As a result of the "Test Car" campaign, they increased contest submissions by 717% without depending upon Facebook.

The lesson? Don't ignore/underestimate the social engagement potential of "owned media!"

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