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Tiffany Wycoff
mom, educator, ASCD member & blogger, climber of mini mountains, adventurous spirit
mom, educator, ASCD member & blogger, climber of mini mountains, adventurous spirit

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Building Student Agency Through Flexible Station Rotation
@RAndradeK 's Flexible Station Model In my last post on Teacher Trailblazer Appreciation , I used a picture I took while working with teachers at Bang Elementary School in Houston, Texas. One reader asked me about the picture, so I thought I would share wha...

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Teacher Appreciation - #BLinAction Trailblazer Style
For me, teacher appreciation week 2017 began in the Dominican Republic where our school was wrapping up its fifth annual service trip. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the whole experience and the love and learning from the children at Orfanato Niños de...

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Model Magic for Blended Learning PD Success!
image credit: noun project In Blended Learning in Action chapter 3, we discuss the keys to PD success, including ways in which leaders can best support teachers through blended learning implementations. One component of PD support is modeling the standards ...

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Playlist Model - Opportunities & Challenges Workshop Reflections
At the recent McGraw Hill Education Stanford Personalized
Learning Forum, Jason Green and I had the opportunity to lead a workshop on
personalizing learning through the Playlist model of Blended Learning. Since we
wholeheartedly believe that the mindset shi...

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Over the past few months, my coauthors, Catlin Tucker and Jason Green, and I have worked on a companion site for our book Blended Learning in Action. We have created a space where our readers and anyone hoping to incorporate blended learning strategies into...

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"Blended Learning Transformed Our School" - Via ISTE
I'm often asked whether blended learning works for younger students. The answer is absolutely! We are using it throughout our younger classes. In this ISTE article, there are some excellent #BLinAction details for younger students. Blended learning transfor...

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Wired for Blended Learning Success in Science
I recently observed and recorded a whole-group rotation in our Fifth Grade science class. Students had already made a circuit offline and were using the simulation software Gizmos to create more complex circuits than they had been able to offline. I wanted ...

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My Chat with Dr. Will on Blended Learning in Action #BLinAction
I had the great opportunity to kick off the 2017 year with Dr. Will Deyamport. He is a passionate Ed Tech and innovation evangelist and leader. We discussed Blended Learning in Action and how to build culture and support teachers and students through a blen...

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#BLinAction Virtual Book Club - Join Us!
After just two months, we have over 2200 readers engaged in  Blended Learning in Action ! We are excited to announce the start of our #BLinAction book club discussions to help our many readers stay connected and share ideas about each chapter. We’ll take a ...

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#BLinAction  Means Balance - How Blended Learning in Action looks in our school. Join the chat #blinaction  and share how #blendedlearning  looks in your school.
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