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How They Speak to Us
The 1% who run this society, the capitalist ruling class,
speak to the rest of us i.e. the general public, a majority of whom are working
class, mainly through the media, that is via a series of intermediaries –
politicians, TV producers and presenters, new...

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Does Leninism lead to Stalinism?
Does Leninism lead to Stalinism? John Molyneux This is a chapter from my forthcoming book on Lenin for Today and has also been published in Irish Marxist Review 17. The Nightmare of
Stalinism Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union as its absolute
dictator fro...

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State, Law and the Guards
State, Law and the Guards First published in Irish Socialist Worker. One of the key ideas, tenaciously defended by the entire
political establishment and ALL the mainstream media is that the law courts,
the judges and the police are neutral. By ‘neutral’ th...

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The Horror of Tuam
THE HORROR OF TUAM Written for Irish Socialist Worker. Murder by neglect; religious bigotry; vicious class prejudice
- these are the ingredients that lie behind the horrible crimes of Tuam. Nobody now will dare to defend what was done. The ‘casual’
or was i...

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The Relevance of the Russian
The Relevance of the
Russian Revolution John Molyneux First written for Irish Marxist Review 17. It is self-evident that the Russian Revolution was an
enormously important historical event- probably the most important of the 20 th century. But the French Re...

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Profit versus the Environment
Profit versus the environment – A radical alternative People
before Profit Pamphlet Contents Introduction 1.      Ireland ’s
environment in danger 2.      Why profit
is so deadly 3.      Climate
change – the ultimate challenge 4.      The radical

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Understanding Trump and how to fight him
Understanding Trump
and how to fight him John Molyneux First published at The surprise
election victory of Donald Trump has shocked tens of millions of Americans and
hundreds of millions of people round the world and rightly so...

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Fidel Castro:Death of an Icon
# Socialism 1.01 John Molyneux Fidel Castro – death of an icon first published in Irish Socialist Worker Millions of radicals, leftists, socialists and
anti-imperialists around the world will be saddened by the announcement of the
death of the leader of the...

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Who are the Populists
Who are the
populists? First published in    Nov 2016 In politics there’s always something to be learned from the
names you are called by your opponents. A few weeks ago the label of choice for the serious left,
primarily the A...

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Secularism, Islamophobia and the politics of religion.
Secularism, Islamophobia and the politics of religion. John Molyneux First published in Irish Marxist Review 16.  There are moments when a single flash of lightning lights up
the night sky and illuminates the whole landscape below which was previously
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