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+Katharine Corcoran -- consider yourself +1ed.

Watching early episodes of Next Generation, and loving the Cosby style sweaters rocked by +Wil Wheaton... also space jellyfish.

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Sad -- one of the best television shows out there. At least the "network formerly-known as Sci-Fi" kept an intelligent show running for a lot longer than any other network would have. Would have been nice to see a more gradual wrap-up.
I try not to make G+ another "here's what I put on my blog" thing, but ... here's what I put on my blog about the end of Eureka.

+Wil Wheaton is the most active person in my G+ circles right now... come on people, make this more interesting so I can justify using it. Actually, Wil's posts are probably justification enough...

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Another creation -- I hope to refine this design for future bags, but also to publish my own pattern. I'm sure there will be several versions of this bag before it happens.

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Google+ may be intimidating, but I am currently in Pita House heaven and all is right with the world

Not loving the setup so far...
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