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Jim Nash
LIfe is like that guy who keeps 8 feral cats. It's a funny.
LIfe is like that guy who keeps 8 feral cats. It's a funny.

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To those victimized: Welcome to your new occupation.

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Iran's robots are getting better. That a good thing?

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I have to admit that it was kind of exciting to talk with one of the Solar Impulse 2's pilots.

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If only there was one of these for the iPhone...

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This will be the start of much-read text book at some point.

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It was Uber's latest ... interesting move. Will it change how public-private research partnerships are done?

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This is weird. Robotics companies tend to grow slowly, but the market is poise for rapid growth. Why are all the best companies staying private?

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Don't you hate it when company comes calling and starts issuing orders?

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Did it really take the feds this long to launch an attack on NK's (14-node) internet?
North Korea scores.

Carr is wrong here about one point: The Interview censorship is a one-off event. Foreign powers won't make a habit of censoring American movies through hacking and threats of terrorism. 

On the other hand, he's right that we've crossed a Rubicon here. Once you've given in to a bully, it's easier to give in another time. 

President Obama is wrong -- if North Korea is behind this, it most definitely is an act of war. It's the threat of violence that makes the difference. 

Other points Carr makes are good ones: 

- When Hollywood faced a threat to the entire industry, other studios and industry associations ran away and hid under the bed. 

- After suffering a major hack attack in 2011, how the heck did Sony not harden its network?

- Oddly, Carr himself slaps Sony on the wrist for making the movie about a real dictator rather than a fake one (as Charlie Chaplin did). Isn't that the precise creative freedom we're arguing about here?

North Korea looked weak in threatening the US over a trivial thing like a stoner-buddy-comedy-thriller. But by capitulating, Hollywood made the US look weaker.

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Robotics' next inevitability.
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