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Heute hab ich sechs Stunden lang gespielt, so wie gestern. Ich bereue dass überhaupt nicht.

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I wasn't feeling well this past weekend. It was odd as I had an entire day to myself before going to work over the weekend but until Sunday evening, I had the impression I would simply fall over. I don't know what came over me. Earlier that week I broke dow...

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The Yellow Brick Road
The subject of journeys has cropped up into my mind recently. I suppose with all that's been going on in the world, people talking of moving away and some taking steps to do so, it was inevitable. When I moved out to study abroad, my plan was to get an educ...

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A Vital Test
Shortly after birthday celebrations were done, I started to focus more on studying for a test. The test in question was called Life in The UK . It's one of the requirements for obtaining a British passport as part of the naturalisation process. It's also a ...

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The Cake isn't a Lie
I must admit, last month was incredibly intense for me. I took the first week off because my very awesome friend Piotrek decided to pay me a visit for several days during which we've played games like nobody's business. During that week, we would wake up, h...

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Game Weekend
decided to come over for a long visit spanning two days... naturally,
this was the perfect opportunity to sit down and play as much as
physically possible +1 Android: Netrunner Specially for this occasion, I caved in and bought some packs for Netr...

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It's been well over a week since the UK held a referendum on whether or not to leave the EU. Normally, I avoid talking about current events here because they don't affect me on a personal level. This, however, had a very strong impact on me. British politic...

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I've been meaning to write this post for half a year now. Alas, Life is such that things keep on happening and I couldn't find the time to sit down, think things through and write what's on my mind. I'm not doing well financially these days. It's all my fau...

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I've been called a lot of things during my lifetime. Some more savoury than others. One thing that generally remains a constant is how people call me weird or strange. weird? more like: bizzare This is hardly surprising since I've always been a strong propo...
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