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Carl Knox

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My anniversary today,
and Yes, I'd do it again.
I hope to have many more.
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Happy anniversary!
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Carl Knox

Stand with Israel  - 
The World;
as viewed from the Temple Mount
an azimuthal projection map.
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Israel is the center of the world, the Creation and the universe and when The King of Israel My Lord God Jesus Christ will return He will rule with Righteousness and Justice in the capital which bears His name Jerusalem.
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Carl Knox

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Square Root; plus Pi, math, numbers
2 - 100 "Copy & Paste" may be faster
than re-calculating it.
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Have him in circles
87 people
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Carl Knox

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Regarding missing flight 370.
Has an authority 'Pinged' the location
of passenger cell phones.
Pass the idea along, maybe it will happen.
I don't know who to pass the idea to,
News media, FBI, FAA, etc.
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Reminds me of LOST.
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Carl Knox

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 Agressive High Delta Option Trading.
In the beginning; Long, long ago.
It was an experiment,
creating a “Box” spread from the overlapping of 2 Butterfly’s.
I chose ITM Butterfly’s so that their Short positions would have higher Delta than they would if I were to have used OTM Butterfly’s Short positions.

As long as the underling stays in a range;
    “Buying To Close” (BTC) the “At The Money” (ATM) Shorts
    “Selling To Open” (STO), the “In The Money” (ITM) options
BTC ATM, Delta =50  and  STO  ITM,  Delta >50  equals  Delta >100
Buying back any Shorts, puts more money into the trade (at Risk) and shifts the Delta.

In case of an event that could destabilize the underling;
Keeping the Short positions in place, keeps the trade market neutral, creating a Condor.

Risk is if the underling exits its trading range and starts to trend.
If the underling has been traded for several cycles, all risk may be gone.

I chose “IWM” because it has strikes every Dollar and it’s an index, so accounting irregularities, etc. will not be an issue.

I do not trade this system with real money. (It is for learning)
It is a good to understand how a modified “Box” could be used.
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I have done iron butterflies. They don't move much and usually do them in low vol environments.
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Carl Knox

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Money vs Fiat Currency:
The US Dollar was known as “As good as Gold”,
probably because it was backed with Gold.
The US Dollar is no longer backed by Gold or Silver.
“Fiat Currency” & coins are, an “Out of The Money” derivative
with no intrinsic value.
Never ending printing, Bailouts, Overspending, Foreign aid,
have created the largest bubble in history.
Adding to the bubble, “Fiat Currency” of other countries,
have backed their currency with the US Dollar.
No Fiat Currency system has ever lasted.
When the bubble bursts, and it will,
economies world wide will collapse.
Many individuals buy Gold as Money replacement,
because of its intrinsic value.
I have heard, there are 4 owners for every ounce of Gold.
So, possession is required, before someone else claims it.
Not stock, bonds, ETF's, a third party holding company, etc.
If you invest in something with intrinsic value,
own it all, possess it all, try to avoid converting it to Fiat Currency.
#Dollar #Money   #OTM #Currency   #Economey
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Carl Knox

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New Energy Conversion Principle May Double Efficiency of Today's Engines

Details — Professor Naitoh of the Faculty of Science and Engineering has discovered a new compressive combustion principle that can yield engines with the ultimate level of efficiency. With a thermal efficiency of 60% or more in applications including automobiles, power generation, and aircraft, will their low fuel consumption be superior to that of HV vehicles?

Professor Ken Naitoh of Waseda University's Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Applied Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering) and his associates have discovered a revolutionary energy conversion principle (new compressive combustion principle) able to yield stand-alone engines with double or higher the thermal efficiency potential of conventional engines, independent of their size. If engines utilizing this principle can be put to use in practical applications, it is believed that they could become innovations with the ability to solve today's immediate environmental energy problems.

This new compressive combustion principle was formulated by Professor Naitoh through the development of a new thermofluid dynamics theory, as well as thought experiments, supercomputer simulations, and high speed airflow experiments drawing on that theory. The fundamental principle is that while thermal efficiency can be raised by reaching a high compression ratio, achieved through pulsed collisions of multiple high-speed jets of an air-fuel gas mixture at microscopic regions in the central area of a combustion chamber, expanded uses and ranges of application were attained with the further addition of 3 new measures. This method is also considered to be lower in cost than batteries, as well as having possibilities for noise reduction and the potential to eliminate the need for cooling mechanisms. 1. Prototype engine for automobiles 2. Prototype engine for aircraft

If the effectiveness of this principle can be confirmed through combustion tests, it will not only open up the doors to new lightweight, high-performance aerospace vehicles, but would also lead to prospects of next-generation, high-performance engines for automobiles. 

The maximum thermal efficiency of present-day gasoline engines for automobiles is on the order of 30%, believed to fall to a level as low as 15% in states from idling to low-speed city driving. Therefore, if automobiles could be equipped with "low-cost, ultimate efficiency engines," reaching a stand-alone thermal efficiency of 60% or higher over a wide range of driving conditions, it is believed that a substantial fuel consumption superior to that of current hybrid system automobiles could be a reality. Furthermore, if such automobiles, equipped with these high-efficiency engines, could be used to generate power at individual households, it would open up possibilities for improving the total energy efficiency of our entire society.

Source: Science Daily 
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Carl Knox

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64 bit, 61 core, supports
4 hyper threads per core (243).
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