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the happiest moment..
when I see your smile ☺️

Thanks for my dearest +Vladlen Nikulin 

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He... Do you know the sun ?
I said... No
He... Do you know the moon ?
I'm... said no
He asked .. In any land are you living ?
I said... between your eyes...I'm living
in your heart... my residential
what I need for them ✨💫✨

Pic. By. Karl-Shakur. Instagram..

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I wish you were not on this earth, 
but entirely within me, 
or rather that I were not on this earth, 
but entirely within you ❤

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I told you ! A fine Spring Sunday ;)
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I have nothing to afraid 

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Breathe me.. Sia

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When you are sure that your presence greets someone and get him out of mirage.. It is not your right to trample the land of absence 

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I am a Wild Woman, I'm a hard person to love but when I love. my love is a stormy heart.. a fiery soul. I know in spite of myself and in spite of what I've been told, that there's beauty in every age, no matter how old. I am a Wild Woman, I've learned what it means to be a life bearer; to create art, to plant seeds of Love. I am a Wild Woman from the depths of the dirt underneath my fingernails, to the height of my very Soul. I am one with the Earth the winds from the four directions whisper through my skin. You were wild once. Remember 

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Your words are a flame 
that set me on fire.
Your touch is a river 
that floods me 
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