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Tenple, my Captain
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Temple Grandin …which is when I came about as close to fan-girling as I ever hope to. It was like meeting Matt Damon (well, not really). Or John Krasinski (no, nevermind). Or Ellen! But better. If you don’t kno...

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The Same is The Same is The Same is The Best
Folks with autism tend to thrive in an environment packed with routine and structure, and in many cases…”thrive” largely refers to a lack of outbursts or undesirable behaviors. Routine and sameness is comforting because they know what’s going to happen, the...

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The Reason
In the past year, I’ve come to know a truly lovely guy called Tyler. Tyler is a midwestern white (that’s probably redundant) kid in his 20s; he has long-lashed blue eyes and curly brown hair. He also has a toothy mischievous grin – a characteristic notable ...

It's a good word. A sensible one. And I shall re-post until its use because common.  



…My attempt to create a word which defines the action by an audience of standing and clapping before a performer has done anything to warrant such praise – other than being present. Use it in good health to preserve the integrity of the too-easily-given 'standing ovation'.

(Not applicable when honoring a legendary/accomplished figure or a celebrated act or cause.) — at Augusta, Georgia.

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Martha Elizabeth's 76th Birthday
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