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Firstly, let me say that I am firmly against the idea that you need any special bike in order to have an adventure, and thusly feel the category of “adventure bike” a little ambiguous and misplaced. What they mean to say is, ...
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The Mrs. and a couple friends of ours were running a half marathon in Hamburg this past weekend, so along came I and the little one to visit the historic city and be a spectator to the race. Upon arriving, we checked in and w...
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Front loading has recently become a popular way of carrying panniers. The setup has been made trendy by manufacturers like Specialized with their AWOL x POLER touring bike, or any number of the touring bikes featured on bicycle lifestyle website, The Radavist. But is front loading a better place to locate your gear on a touring bike, or is it …
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Before we left Sven’s house in the morning, he gave us two pieces of advice. The first was to stock up before we left Hannover, because we’d have problems finding supplies once we were beyond the city limits. That turned out ...
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A couple days left, its worth a shot!
Crank Brothers: y-Tool Kit, Gem Pump+Clip, EggBeater Pedals, Lever, Grips Greenbelly Meals: 9 Variety Pack (Ready-to-Eat Performance Meals) Louis Garneau: One Course Cycling Helmet Adventure Cycling Association: Choice of Bicycle Touring Map Set NiteRider: Lumina Micro 550/ Solas 30 Light Combo Wahoo Fitness: RFLKT Bike Computer, TICKR Heart Rate Monitor Green GURU: One Hauler Bike Pack/ Saddle Bag
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We’re still learning to navigate the holiday season in this part of the world; somewhere between St. Martin’s and Christmas Day, Christmas trees become available to purchase. These Weihnachtsbaumen, or Kerstbomen to the Dutch...
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The Eroica is a cycling event, but it’s also a festival with music and food and a celebration of all that is vintage. It is as much about aesthetics as it is about cycling. Beginning in Italy in 1997 as a nod to the cycling r...
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One of the great things about living in Europe is the myriad of vintage bicycles that can be found-- either locked to a bike rack, abandoned in an alley, or for sale on the local classifieds. In certain Dutch cities, you can ...
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Having spent the night in our hammocks, I thought that perhaps my knee would have benefitted from being elevated all night long. Standing up the next morning proved me wrong. I gave it a chance and hoped that as I warmed up, ...
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On our way to Berlin Bicycle Week, but first a ride to Düsseldorf.
The plan was hatched at a friend’s house over a couple beers— why don’t we just ride from here to Berlin Bicycle Week? We could leave on a Sunday and make it there by Thursday if we kept a fairly quick pace. 650 kilometers o...
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Although I try not to self-reference this blog within this blog, what you might call going “meta”, there’s no denying that there’s been little in the way of new posts the past couple months. The Blogger platform and Windows L...
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Whilst is a British way of saying “while”, though now that I think of it, I’ve never actually heard anyone use it before. Maybe on the BBC. Anyway, the Mrs. and I did not travel all the way to London just for the purposes of ...
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Witness as an ordinary American rides his bicycle in mysterious foregin lands!
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