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NEW BOOK on sale now: ERRORS: Bugs, Boo-boos, Blunders 


Part 1. How Do We Think About Errors?

1.1 Errors in Reasoning About Errors

1.2 Errors in Interpretation

1.3 The Semantics of Error.pages

1.4 Selection Fallacies about Errors.pages

1.6 The Quest for Perfection

1.5 Who Decides If It's an Error?


Part 2. What Do Errors Cost?

2.1 Some Very Expensive Software Errors

2.2 Universal Pattern of Costly Errors

2.3 Measuring Cost and Value

2.4 Mistakes that Win.pages


Part 3. Where Do Errors Come From?

3.1 The Art of Bugging

3.2 Eight Fs of Software Failure

3.3 Code is Not the Biggest Problem

3.4 Error-Prone Language

3.5 Predicting the Number of Errors

3.6. Cautions in Predicting the Number of Errors

3.7 It Shouldn't Even Be Done


Part 4. How Do We Get Rid of Errors?

4.1 Finding and Fixing Errors

4.2 Prevent Testing From Growing More Difficult

4.3 Especially Difficult Errors

4.4 Learn from Errors

4.5 Always Be Second

4.6 Fix Your Organization

4.7 If You Can't Fix It, Feature It


Part 5. How Do We Prevent Errors?

5.1 Keep It Simple

5.2 Throw It Away

5.3 Go Slow, Go Fast

5.4 Test as You Build

5.5 Improve Communication

5.6 Rethink Your Organization

5.7 Master Your Fear


Part 6. Living With Errors

6.1 The Humpty Dumpty world

6.2 The First Law of Error Defense

6.3 The Second Law of Error Defense

6.4 The Third Law of Error Defense

6.5 The Fourth Law of Error Defense

6.6 The Fifth Law of Error Defense

6.7 The Sixth Law of Error Defense

6.8 The Seventh Law of Error Defense

6.9 The Eight Law of Error Defense

I had a google+ account with many, many people following and in circles. Then, out of the blue, all my people disappeared. What I have now is useless, so I'm not using google again until I get my people back. What can I do about this?

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Announcing the Release of the Requirements Bundle

"Anyone who wants to build a product should understand this book."—Watts S. Humphrey, SEI

John von Neumann once said, "There's no sense being exact about something if you don't even know what you're talking about." In a world that is growing increasingly dependent on highly complex, computer-based systems, the importance of defining what you want to make before making it—that is, knowing what you're talking about—cannot be stressed enough.

Here's an innovative bundle that gives you the understanding you need to give people the solutions they want. The collaborative team of Gause and Weinberg tells how you can assure the requirements are right—before the product is designed.

The techniques formulated in Exploring Requirements are not confined to software development; they have been used effectively to develop a wide range of products and systems—from computer software to furniture, books, and buildings.

Systems analysts and anyone involved with the challenges of the requirements process will greatly benefit from this book.

If purchased as a single bound volume, these books would cost $45 plus shipping.
Sold separately, these ebooks cost $19.98
As a bundle, they cost only $14.99

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