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Dawn Hamill
Brain Tumour Survivor, Now dealing with breast cancer, allotment Holder, Learning to live with Epilepsy. Life is a Gift. Love to write
Brain Tumour Survivor, Now dealing with breast cancer, allotment Holder, Learning to live with Epilepsy. Life is a Gift. Love to write

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Remembering Professor G. Ayliffe
On Wednesday the 24th May, my day starts as usual; after eating my cereal, l open my emails and scroll down to find one from my friend of 28 years, Sue M saying I thought I would send this before you see it on twitter...its 11.30pm too late to ring you - sh...

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The early days of my My research explained by Eleanor in the Birmingham Library 

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A lovely reminder of Cadburys at Easter

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S Club 43
I can't talk about it I mutter to my friend Mike over lunch What he asks I can't say. I really can't say ... It's just ... I am in a club and I'm not happy about it, people'll judge me if I tell them so I have kept it to myself   Mike starts to laugh it can...

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Aunty Magic
I’m a Granty I squeal as I
ring Mr H with the news Oh my goodness that was
quick , email me a photo I was having a lie in but
the news means I spring - I wish - rather I yank on my bed stick and clamber slowly
out of bed… I ring my sister, now a
Nana, who w...

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Empty Wheelchairs...
I sit back down in the grey airport wheelchair and stuff my feet back into my converse.  Sorry about that says the young man who is pushing me through into departures but no one escapes the shoe scan. He helps me out onto a blue seat with a wheelchair pictu...

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Look into your heart...
I can't wait for Boxing Day I say to a friend when she asks me if I am looking forward to Christmas. Don't get me wrong I add, I love going to church on Christmas morning to sing carols and see friends i have met on my Brain Tumour journey. I love seeing th...

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My two pink bundles
Chatter, chatter, chatter... Like a typewriter clacking on sheet after sheet of paper my mind writes its own script for a play I want no part in I pick up a pen, press it between my thumb and middle fingers, watch as it slots into place in my hand and black...

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Rolling waves
I can’t believe we are here I say to Mr H with a
grin. A whole week, we won’t need to use the car. We stroll hand in hand along the narrow, cottage filled lane
to the sea front. I stop as Mr H clicks his camera to capture my ever widening
smile.  I breathe ...

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In a hole
Sue and I grin as we arrive at Mesmerize Me  in Birmingham This is it she says, Excited ? I  have been treated to a make over day with my friend, Sue's sister Jacquie bought it for her for Christmas  and told her:  go with Dawn you will have a great time Ou...
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