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[Google+ K-Pop Daily] All the INSPIRITS must be posting their #INFINITEcharacter  entries because we're trending on Google+!

Only 12 minutes left to go until you get the chance to win the INFINITE Character Competition. Go to +INFINITE OFFICIAL + to find out more or click on #INFINITEcharacter  to see the entries. 

+1 your favorite characters! 

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[A-Pop Star Week]
Youtube Apop Channel opening event!
You can meet and talk with SHINee on Google+ Hangout!
To celebrate the launch of the Asian Pop channel on YouTube(,  Looking for participants to video chat with SHINee!
First Day of The Event : Hangout with SHINee, Live March 8th

Win a chance to video chat with SHINee by asking your questions on Google+.

[Applications Accepted]
February 19th ~ 25th

[Hangouts on Air Date]
March 8th

[Application Instructions]
1. Insert hashtag   #apopSHINee   and include the following information on Google+
- Name
- Age
- Nationality
- Your question to SHINee

2. Set your post as "Public" and click "Share"!
Tip) Click on   #apopSHINee  to see who else has applied for this event!

*For more information on A-pop, go to
#apopSHINee   #Kpop  

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Top artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan chat with fans from all over the world. Join Google+ and ask questions to your favorite artists. Lucky fans get to talk to the artists face to face over video chat (Hangout). Question submission deadline is 2/25. 

3/8        Shinee   #apopshinee  
3/9        Wang Lee Hom  #apopleehom
3/10       Super Junior   #apopsuperjunior  
3/11       Kyary Pamyu Pamyu   #apopkyary  
3/12       flumpool   #apopflumpool  
3/13       2PM   #apop2pm  
3/14       Mayday   #apopmayday  

For more K-Pop stars and music
For more C-Pop stars and music A-Pop YouTube Channel
don't forget to circle +Indo K-Pop .. Good Luck ^^

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really love the cover its AMAZING!! must listen to it

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Yesterday I was just spazzing out over the One Shot MV holy crappppp 


on another note, the whole mini album is just AMAZING. I have to get it. 
[Full Album] B.A.P - ONE SHOT [2nd Mini Album]

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Daehyun Oppa and his love for food ;) 
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