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Great work, I highly recommend this shop. #Bicyle   #cycling  

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It was pretty thick heading into Cincy from Dayton this morning.
Be careful driving this morning. 

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Do you want to write a book? APE can help you.
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#writing   #selfpublishing #selfpublishingtips #powertips  

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I am not sure why it sounds good but it does.
Food porn
Boston Burger Company

So I'm in between shoots here in boston, and have 3 hours to kill, so me being me... I looked up the best burger places. Lately I've been slacking on the food porn and eating burgers because my photographers prefer skinny models (go figure! Lol)

I walked into this tiny joint where only a few people were seated (lunch rush just ended) and the hostess showed me to my seat. You know this place is KNOWN for their burgers when one whole side of the menu was burgers. Then this one caught my eye..... "The King!": Peanut butter, bacon and fried bananas tossed with cinnamon sugar all on top of an 8oz patty.......that just screamed "me"!

Let me tell you... it was so good that as I'm writing this, I'm still chewing the last bite! Picture a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a hint of maple and some beef. It was an orgasm in my mouth to say the least! If you are in the Davis area in boston you need to check this place out!!! I think we have a new entrant to my top ten list! :D

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I must try this out on launch day!
The new Nikon D810 has been announced

So, Nikon has finally released the specs and a whole lot of promotional material for you to take a look at your new wet dream (in a pure photographic sense). ;)

This is surely an awesome camera. But for the way I use my camera, it's not the right one. Too slow, too many megapixels (file size!).

What about you? Will/would you get one?

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The website of the company I work for.
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