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Igor Dvorkin
A look at what's on my mind.
A look at what's on my mind.

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A smile at the grocery store
Most weekend mornings, I take the kids to the grocery store. For a reason that isn't important I went to the grocery store myself. The clerk at the counter said to me: "I wasn't sure that was you, I figured it wasn't because there weren't cute kids, and the...

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Week 351AZ: A Perfect Weekend
This is a post from January. I'll move it to the right order in a few weeks, but leaving here for now so my audience sees it! Some weekends are so good, even though you're covered in your two year old's vomit, you'd still call it a perfect weekend. This was...

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Week 352AZ: Choosing
Ugh, I was sick all week, which meant other then work, I was mostly sleeping.  Even though I wasn't awake at home much, I really chose to experience the kids and have fun with them. It feels awesome! In other news In family news, I was probably sleeping whi...

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Week 350AZ: Christmas Break and Mr. Plumbean
It's been a great year, so many things to be grateful for, so much to be proud of. A highlight for me was New years eve. This year, our new year's posse had the courage to leave our combined pack of 10 kids with 2 baby sitters while we went off to eat tapa...

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Happy jump in the lake day 2017
Every year I jump in the lake to remind myself that "the resistance" is  mostly a lie I tell myself.   I also force my family to come and "I pretend" the family is enjoying themselves as much as I do. This year, due to my lack of planning, I got to the lake...

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Week 346AZ: Name butchering
"Zachary Dwanzik?, Is there a Zachary Dwazanik" It took me a few minutes to realize this was an especially poor mispronouncation of Dvorkin, and that Zach had won the grand door prize at a kids rendition of the nutcracker. I don't think Zach realized his na...

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Skipping and walking bare foot makes me happy.
It's so easy to forget the many things that make me happy, so I write them down to make sure I do them later.  Sometimes I write them down in obscure places,  and forget them for years on end.  Today I found one such place and am moving it to the blog. So f...

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Dancing in the streets!
What can I say?

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Week 345AZ: Amazonian!
This week is Christmas tree week, and as usual we walk our wagon over to the school. As we observe all the parents tieing their trees to the top of their minivans, we giggle as we know we'll just stick our in our wagon and pull it home. Zach's been working ...

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Week 344AZ: American Thanksgiving
I realize the last few post have been worse then usual.  That's on purpose to get me writing again, once it's a habit again, I'll start focusing on making the posts better. Every thanksgiving we make a 500 mile pilgrimage from Seattle to Ashland. In "what a...
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