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I post rants and unpopular opinions on this account. Problem? Don't read my posts. Or block me, if your that immature.
I post rants and unpopular opinions on this account. Problem? Don't read my posts. Or block me, if your that immature.


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Another Boring Dumbass Rant That No One Will Read And I Wrote Because I Was Bored And Fed Up With People Thinking Boom Amy is So Great.
(Remove this if you want, I don't care anymore.)

Boom Amy is lame. Dull. Boring. A Mary-Sue. Why the hell do people think she's so great? The majority of people I've seen think that Boom Amy's an improvement to Modern Amy, and they hope that Amy will be like her Boom self in other games. It's sad really. People LIKE this terrible version of Amy more then her main series counterpart.
"She doesn't obsess over Sonic anymore!" When she was created, she wasn't created to be a love interest for Sonic. She was created to be a crazy, stalker fangirl. She was created to be a funny character who obsessed over Sonic. Amy and Sonic aren't supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend. But Boom tries to make it that way.
"She's good at fighting and capable of defending herself now!" Since when is Modern Amy not capable of defending herself and fighting? She has a giant hammer, and she smashes enemies with it all the time. People are acting like Modern Amy is Princess Peach and does nothing. Modern Amy is a skilled fighter, like Boom Amy. In Heroes, she can stand up to teenage and adult characters perfectly fine, even though she's only 12. She does this in multiple other games as well. People should stop acting like being able to fight is a new thing for Amy.
"She's an interesting character now!" How is a Mary-Sue interesting? Modern Amy was different from other female characters in similar series's. She was a fangirl that basically represented most of the fanbase. She was bratty, annoying, and rude, but lovable at the same time. Boom Amy is obviously a role model for little girls. She's a "tough cookie" according to her character profile that SEGA made, but she's also sweet and generous and caring. She and the main character love each other. She's also perfect at everything, and at times when the male characters are incapable, she always can do everything perfectly.

Those are the three main arguments I've seen for Boom Amy. I don't see the good at fighting one as much as I see the other two, but I still see people arguing with it fairly frequently. That's about it, I'll now sit back and watch people flame me for posting my opinion.

My Thoughts on Julie-Su and Her Fans:
Don't read if you don't like rants or people sharing unpopular opinions.

I'll just put this out there: I HATE Julie-Su. She's a complete Mary-Sue and Knuckles with a bland personality. She rarely does anything not involving Knuckles. All she does is be his girlfriend. She's not tough and independent, she just acts like a terrible sonic fan character, all she does is be Knuckles's girlfriend. She's not "girl power". She does everything for her boyfriend. Rouge and Blaze are at least free thinkers that don't need a boy to do everything for them. People also call her the "tomboy". Because tomboys constantly obsess over boys? Blaze is a tomboy, not Julie-Su. The comics make Knuckles pathetic and weak. Since when does he obsess over girls? Yes, in the games, he likes Rouge somewhat, but do you see them kissing and loving each other all the time? No. He's a loner. But in the comics, he can't do anything by himself. He always needs his girlfriend to help. That's just like a poorly written fan fiction, but the character out of character so a love story can develop. I seriously couldn't see Knuckles having a girlfriend. Yet, in the comics, BAM. They had to over dramatize him with Julie-Su. She takes away from my favorite character. Her sole purpose in the comics is to date Knuckles. Does he really need a love interest? Heck, the creator of Julie-Su even said that he created her because Knuckles had no females to interact with. Does he really need one Penders? Thanks for RUINING my favorite character. Julie-Su is the most OVERRATED Sonic character ever.

Now, if your part of the Julie-Su fanbase, you probably hate me right now. So now, it's my turn to rant about you. If you thought the Sonic fanbase is bad, the Julie-Su fanbase is terrible. I see them bashing every negative opinion about Julie-Su, and all they do is ship Knuckles and Julie-Su. Now, I'm going to say some beautiful quotes from the Julie-Su fanbase:

picture from the comic where Rouge and Julie-Su fight
Fan 1: I hate Rouge! Go Julie-Su!
Fan 2: Julie-Su is the best character ever!
Fan 3: I hate Rouge the Slut. She flirted with Knuckes's DAD. At least Julie-Su loves Knuckles.
Person: Go Rouge!

I kid you not, this is real. They hate Rouge and people who don't hate Rouge. Rouge is one of my favorite characters. Does that make me a slut? Do they even know what a slut is?

I might continue this rant later. For now, puts on sunglasses HATERS GONNA HATE´╗┐
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