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John de Largentaye
Dabbles in bits. Sometimes, bytes.
Dabbles in bits. Sometimes, bytes.

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Has anyone taken a whack at using the new WireGuard VPN protocol? It's getting a lot of attention on the geek websites, it looks too good to be true to my untrained eyes but I want to believe.

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Warning: This is not a piece about cute dogs!
Read the text here before clicking through.

The piece below is not a cheerful one. It started out as a comment on an earlier post, but it grew into a piece in its own right. I was trying to answer +Enclosed Grand Dad's question of why certain groups are particular targets of the Trump regime; that, in turn, grew into discussing what might be coming down the pipe next.

I come from a family for which thinking these things through, and knowing when to jump, has been a critical survival skill. The things in this post are the sorts of things people talk about quietly, while doing silent calculations about their options, but rarely talk about in public. This time, I thought I would share some of the innards with you.

Why the picture of the puppy? Because I stuck several pictures of cute animals, and links to even more, inside this article. They make this easier to deal with.

I'm going to go pet my dogs now.

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I use Emacs as a programming editor. That a 30-year old program continues to function in modern environments despite half-a-dozen changes in programming paradigms is a testament to the work of people like Daniel dragging it, kicking and screaming, into the modern world.

Often, at the expense of their own sanity.

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+Kenton Varda, the new Bus1 patches for the Linux kernel mention Cap'n Proto as inspiration. Do you get to claim code godfather status? :)

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Yesterday, Google's Project Zero disclosed a huge class of bug in the kernel underlying iOS, macOS, and basically all Apple devices. It's basically an architectural issue in the fundamentals of how the kernel works.

They also published a timeline of their negotiations with Apple over disclosure deadlines, which is fascinating in demonstrating the arm-wrestling between these giants. Basically, it sounds like Tim Cook or Craig Federighi had to go over and request a delay.

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"My vacuum cleaner crashes if I send certain malformed HTTP requests to the local API endpoint, which isn't a good sign"

Yeah, OK. DTrace is magic.

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I've been following Ken Shirriff's blog posts about their work restoring an old Xerox Alto (famously the ancestor of modern GUI computers), and they get more fascinating every time.

In the latest episode, he sleuths out a decades-old "crime": the Alto's hard disk was overwritten with random data.

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I don't miss public transit's ad invasion. This is cute and cool.

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File under "stories embedded developers whisper at night to scare each other": Asymmetric Multicore Systems with varying cache line sizes.
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