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Ben Little
Lover of math, music, logic, and all people in between.
Lover of math, music, logic, and all people in between.
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To the people saying healthcare is a luxury, you're flat out wrong. To those saying it is a right, you're equally wrong. Healthcare is a responsibility. Refusing to provide aid to someone in need is not only amoral, it is illegal for many cases in the United States. Giving it to everyone without proper discretion causes people to lose respect for it's cost and value, however. We need SOMETHING to prevent abuse and overuse of the system. In Canada and other countries with a nationalized healthcare system, it's a man sitting behind a desk. In the US, it's our pocketbook and the fear of going into debt. Both are messed up. I believe the solution lies in the charity of our hearts. If my neighbor has played by the books and the unforeseeable design indeed occur, I would be more than willing to lend them a hand, whether that means services or money. But that is my own discretion. I would also be willing to pat a little more out if pocket to a hospital that I know provides care to the needy. I don't want someone (especially the federal government) telling me I must help who THEY believe is in need. Maybe it foolish and idealistic, but I truly think that when it comes to down to the wire, people are more than willing to help each other without anything more than the intrinsic incentive. 
We've all got our own reasons for supporting the President, and with less than 100 days to go, now's the time to show it. Pitch in $5 or whatever you can before tonight's critical fundraising deadline: http://OFA.BO/1AqqtQ
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