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What's A Poor Doctor To Do?
I was skimming through a recent issue of the Journal of the
American Medical Society this morning and I came across an article analyzing
trends in prescription drug use in adults from 1999 until 2012. It initially
caught my attention because I misread the t...

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To See A Universe in the Changing Of The Clock
I was walking in to work this morning with a colleague, and
she commented that the sunny weather had put her in a good mood. “It’s nice.” I agreed. “It’s one of the things I enjoy about
the end of daylight savings time. It’s going to be nice and bright and ...

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The Intriguing Mystery of A Child
One of the interesting things about parenting a
kindergartener is that you get these strange little windows into what they are
thinking, without much in the way of explanation or discussion. For example, the other night I am sitting on the couch
reading and...

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Phonetics Blues
“I before E except after C and when it sounds like A as in
neighbor and weigh. Weird, right?” says my husband this morning as we engage
our daughter in yet another discussion of how to spell a particular word. My daughter’s kindergarten teacher tells us not...

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Being A "Nicey"
My daughter’s kindergarten class has read a book titled “The
Meanies Came To School” (written by Joy Cawley). I presume with some guidance from the teacher, the children have all
decided that they don’t want to be “meanies" and that instead they will all be...

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Healthy Relationships
I work with a lot of people who have experienced toxic,
negative, hurtful relationships. Often they’ve been through an entire history
of them. Whether these were romances or friendships, eventually a person who is
getting healthier will ask the question “Ho...

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Friendship at Four is Hard
My daughter came home from preschool yesterday upset because two of her friends were playing on the playground and they wouldn't let her play. Today she came home distressed because she was at the playground with another friends and a third little girl was ...

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No Complaints Allowed
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Christian Season of Lent. The ashes on our foreheads symbolize both our own nature (created out of dust) and the grief we feel about our own failures and sins. During the 40 days (not counting Sundays) of Lent we pre...
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