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John is an ombudsnerd.
John is an ombudsnerd.

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Time's running out: this bundle of holding won't last forever. Get ACTION MOVIE WORLD and the best of it's siblings:

I'm hoping to collect a list of resources for Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures on the Flatland Games website, and have watched so much brilliance float past me in this community, but have done a wretched job of keeping up with it all.

Can you help me find links to the things that you enjoyed? The things that you made?

Where was that wonderful write-up of adapting Beyond the Wall to Abhorsen?

The Lovecraftian supplement?

That mash-up with DCC? The mash-up with the Black Hack?

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I'm so proud that ACTION MOVIE WORLD is included in the latest Bundle of Holding: Apocalypse Engine+2. Not only are we in the company of greatness, but, specifically, greatness powered by Apocalypse World, and including its 2016 Second Edition.

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#RPGaDay 2017

26. Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

Let's say resources for running and managing the game. I'm going to exclude PbtA games because while they provide good and useful sheets on which to tick boxes, these are not useful for managing an arc.

Silent Legions is a great example with location tags, a system to design your mythology from top-down etc.

But the best has got to be Beyond the Wall -- what else? Play books, scenario packs, threat packs (in Further Afield) for short and long term play. A really smart and useful way of managing the sandbox. Designed to get up and running in minutes for busy folks with day jobs. A triumph!

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I have fallen in love with Monster Pulse, and I'm sure you will, too if you give it a try. A group of kids have a harrowing experience, and do their best to be good people, and good friends, throughout. It's a wonderful story very with the same spirit as Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures and an entirely different genre.

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For a number of years in the 90s, when I ran Dungeons and Dragons, I took the Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying rules with me. Every time.

And, because they were compatible with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, and with Robotech, I had a LOT of fun with all the different options when we didn't feel like playing D&D.

Their summoning rules and circles of protection have influenced every fantasy game I've played since.

The Bundle of Holding is helping me recapture my well spent youth right now! Come on and join me in my friend Chris's basement. We've got stale chips and warm Doctor Pepper, and no school tomorrow:

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Not as nice as most Beyond the Wall characters, but Catalina de Erauso, the Lieutenant Nun, is definitely a fascinating model for the Nobleman's Wild Daughter.

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Peter and I had a nice chat with +Ralph Lovegrove about stories and games.
In this special episode I interview +John Cocking and +Peter Williams from Flatland Games about Beyond the Wall including its fictional influences, the design process and overall feel -- as well as the games we played growing up, US-UK cross-cultural influences, and what a four year-old is supposed to do with a copy of the Monster Manual.

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For those who play online, or whose handwriting is like mine, we have form-fillable PDFs for our Actor Playbooks on our downloads page:
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