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Anybody else make a purchase via PayPal and not receive a key? Submitted two tickets and emailed both and without response. Purchase confirmation page said 3-5 minutes?

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Dear Samsung, Whose idea was it to have my phone pop up a full screen alert (that doesn't go away automatically) to tell me my battery is getting critically low? Kind of a self fulfilling prophecy...

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Join.Me is going to change the family-tech-support game for me... How did I not know about this? And it's free! Now I can show Grandma that "My Computer" is there and I'm not just making it up. Awesome.

TIL If you delete your Google contacts, you also delete your Google+ circles. Oops... I made a backup before deleting, but it didn't restore my circles.

Everything you need is already inside you.

Today's Tip: Never spray compressed air into a plugged in paper shredder! There is a small chance it could blow up. By the way, has anyone seen the bucket to my paper shredder? Shoulda' known better...

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This video makes me want to run through a brick wall.

That was tough to watch. Congratulations Japan. Keep your head held high Team USA. Your country is proud of you, and you will be back!

My dog is ready for this game to be over. He doesn't get why I'm yelling at the TV. Go USA!
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