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HUGE shout out to Dr. +Jay Greenstein and +Sport and Spine Rehab in Fairfax, VA for allowing me to enjoy my vacation pain-free. Two days prior to leaving for our Disney Cruise, I developed some awful tendinitis in my shoulder. I could barely lift anything and after two days of rehab, I was 100% the day we left. Thank goodness, because I ended up carrying my boys a combined 2-3 hours each day of the trip. They came through for me once again and I cannot recommend them enough!

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I attended MastermindTalks, my favorite annual conference for entrepreneurs, a few weeks ago. I learned a ton from the 20+ presenters and wanted to share these insights with my network. There is at least one life-changing person or tip in this post for everyone. 

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I'm about to chat with my buddy +Brian Carter about my new book, Networking Is Not Working. Hope you can join us!
If you didn't hear about Derek's book, which on Amazon is currently #1 in Direct Marketing, and #1 in Entrepreneurship, you can hear about it here.  I'm going to interview him!

It's not that crappy old kind of networking you're thinking of. It's not going to a luncheon where the yellow pages guy tries to used-car you into buying a full page ad.

Derek has a totally new take on networking- well ok SOME people have been doing it this way for years, but he's put it into a system you can follow easily.

This is how everyone will badly want to network in 5 years, but by then there will be so many people knocking at the door... I'm not going to tell you why, but all I'm saying is you need to put this into practice NOW before the potential high value networks are already spoken for. And you're stuck just talking to the yellow pages guy.

Who's Derek? He grew and runs an amazing networking group in Washington D.C. called Cadre. Ok I'll tell you why. One of the keys to taking networking to the next level is WHO you network with, and HOW.

Connect, Create, Collaborate- ok do you get it? It's the next evolution of networking.

The book is called "Networking is Not Working", it's very forward thinking in two other ways- it's only 114 pages, so you can read it in a few hours, and it's only $2.99.

You can get it here-

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My new book is now available on Amazon. I'd love for you to pick it up and let me know what you think. Thanks!

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I'm really excited to chat with +Ryan Hanley tomorrow! Hope you can join us!
Building Remarkable Professional Networks
Learn the power of connection from +Derek Coburn, author of Networking is NOT Working.

Online or offline, we grow our business not just in the quality of our work but in the network of peers we surround ourselves with.

Derek has honed his networking skills as the founder (with his wife Melanie) of CADRE, Washington, D.C.'s premier organization connecting remarkable professionals.

I asked Derek on this week's episode of Content Warfare TV to share his expertise in not just building connections, but the type of quality, lasting connections that grow a business.

Whether you're a solopreneur, small business or corporate executive this is a CAN'T MISS episode.

Learn more about Derek and CADRE here:

If you can't make the live event, make sure you subscribe below and never miss an episode of Content Warfare TV.

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Really enjoyed my conversation with +Laurel Staples on Go Fire Yourself! Thanks +Jason Weisenthal for the introduction! 

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Learn how to become an Idea Machine from +james altucher  in his new book, Choose Yourself

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Great article from Adam Grant! Research shows that having daughters and being around more female family members makes men more generous (and nicer overall). Applies in business, as well! With two sons, I guess I'll have to figure out another way to improve in those areas. :)
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