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Not to Reason Why
Action movies are not about
character development or about reflecting the human condition. They are about chases
and crashes and fists and flashing weapons and narrow escapes and razzle dazzle.
A handful of exceptional films manage to combine all of those e...

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That’s All There Is
In my tween and teen years (1962-72)
a regular guest on TV talk shows and variety shows was Peggy Lee. For most of
that decade she was not a particularly welcome presence from my perspective on
the youthful side of the Generation Gap. Born in 1920, Peggy wa...

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The Undiscovered Country
What is the sine qua non of being human rather than
just another primate? Is it language? Art? Abstract thought? In the 1960s and
70s psychologist Ernest Becker offered another answer, one that accompanies
(and perhaps inspires) the cognitive ability to tal...

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Something to Say
All mammals communicate by sound in some basic way; some of
them – definitely including all primates – communicate in very complex ways.
Nonetheless, language is different. It involves more than pointing and
squealing with the meaning “danger over there!” I...

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Bandstand Grandstand
Few experiences can make you either
forget your age or remember it as effectually as listening to popular music. Our
youthful selves are so thoroughly imprinted by the songs current during our
teen years that we remember their lyrics for the rest of our liv...

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Saluting Summer
Summer is the one season to
which we insist on giving an unofficial start and finish. Memorial Day and
Labor Day are fine holidays in their own right (the former rather somber), but
defining summer by them is fundamentally a marketing scheme. I have nothing...

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On Trees and Apes
From Hell It Came (1957) In my pre-teen childhood I
loved monster movies, as do most kids. Slasher films were not a thing back then
and I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted to those, but I loved Wolfman, Dracula, Rodan, Creature from the
Black Lag...

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Wonders Never Cease
Two Dianas: The New
Original Wonder Woman (1975)   –   Before
seeing the new Wonder Woman currently in theaters, I whimsically revisited
a version from four decades ago. Wonder Woman in 1975 was no newbie to the superhero scene. She first appeared in comics...
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