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Once again this embarrassment to our nation proves where his affection lies.  He shows his belief in the kind of change that further displays his support as the Protector of Terrorists and Prevaricator in Chief.  there is nothing more that can said that proves his treasonous acts and his hatred of US Citizens.  When will we remove him and his cronies to return America to sanity and freedom from deception and socialism?
OUTRAGE! Obama uses National Prayer Breakfast to compare Christianity to Islamist killers - BizPac Review
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Gee I thought that they were just some equipment that was abandoned alongside the road free for tha taking!  LOL
I guess gun control isn't working, so the feds are using different tactics to keep data on their biggest enemy: America's gun owners.

Learn more:
A Freedom of Information Act request exposed DEA email detailing startling plot to use license plate readers to surveil gun show attendees.
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The Truth Behind Clean Energy:

*This post is the harsh reality of my previous post explained. If you can't handle truth, go to my previous post

On July 10, 1856, a Serbian man named Nikola Tesla was born. This man's ultimate goal was to provide clean, wireless, and free energy to the world by harassing the ionosphere's energy from a 150 foot tower he named Wardneclyffe in Long Island. ( ISBN 978-1-931882-04-0 )
Close to the finishing of the tower, his funder, JP Morgan ended all ties with him and made sure his entire career died as well because he only wanted profit, and he could not make profit from free energy. Morgan didn't see the gift in giving mankind a future.
When Tesla died in 1943, Alien Property Custodians from the FBI took everything Tesla had to storage, including his plans for Wardenclyffe. These records became confidential.
In 2012, the FBI released a public record of Nikola Tesla, including his Wardenclyffe tower, but excluding some of his other work. ( [pdf])
In this document, it was revealed that the ionosphere contains an incalculable amount of energy and that Tesla had planned to use this discovery to send this energy wirelessly to anything and anyone with a device that receives electricity.
The devices were later dubbed as Tesla Transmitters by historians. Tesla had theorized that, over time, his devices would become smaller and more accessible, eliminating pollutant energy and maximizing creativity and innovation.
Not only would Wardenclyffe make fossil fuels become obsolete, but it would have also lessened poverty.
The ionosphere is a thin layer of our atmosphere that has this great amass of energy. If you have access to this energy, you can use things for a long period of time, something poor people would have access to because it is airborne energy.
Wardenclyffe was proposed in around 1890 and was supposed to be finished in 1902.

Greed took over true humanity.

In 2015, major car companies like Ford, GM, Chrysler, and BMW spend fourteen thousand to make each of their cars. And the average citizen spends two thousand dollars per year ( on gas for these cars.
A solar car costs twelve thousand to fourteen thousand to build (
The Ford Motor Company has 200 factories around the world. Each one produces around 9,000 a day ( In an entire year, the company makes 1.8 million on cars a day, 657 cars in a year. Meaning, Ford spends 9.198 billion each year on making cars.
If Ford were to replace all of their production cars with solar cars and also made 657 solar cars a year, it would cost them 7.884 billion to make. It would save Ford approximately 1.314 billion a year.
I'm sure Ford and Chrysler and GM and these other car companies are aware of how much it would save them a year if they started replacing all of their cars with solar cars. But these companies say they are not ready. They care more about making money than helping our planet and our future as a species.
Many humans only care about money now. We were raised in societies that are dependent on money instead of innovation.
Instead of accepting other's innovative ideas, we demonize those who think out of the box they don't realize is there. We are taught by our societies at a young age to believe in God and only learn from those who are authority figures and to not question. For questions will give you answers and those answers will uncover the secrets of the universe. Secrets people know but pretend not to.

Power took over true humanity.

In 2014, scientists constantly reminded the United States government that renewable energy is readily available.
In the Sahara desert, some scientists have decided that it would be best to put solar panels there as the desert soaks up six times more solar energy than anywhere else (same for Middle Eastern countries.) And could theoretically power the world by 254 by 254 kilometer panels. ( However, since panels can only capture about 20% of energy, researchers from Ohio State University have developed solar batteries that can harness more of the sun's energy. ( )
Given that these cells can capture more enrgy than regular cells, less space would need to be taken to make this a possibility. And, even if conventional panels were used instead, it is an affordable change.
Oil companies like BP, Chevron, and Exxon make $375 million per day, 136.875 billion per year. ( )
Say it would take 349 million dollars to make these panels alone (given just that it would take 349 million square kilometers to power Earth), these companies would save billions, if not trillions of dollars per year if they invested in solar energy instead of oil.

Instead of actually caring about the world we live in, sociopolitically, we don't. 98.9% of scientists have noticed the public and scientific gap in society. ( If we don't know about science, how will we educate the future? How will we continue to innovate? How will we even survive to the future?
We could set of a nuclear bomb and go into nuclear winter. We could sit here and watch as we contribute to the pollution that is causing polar bears to lose their habitat. We could make global warming so terrible that we wouldn't survive to 2080. So what are we, as humans, doing to help our planet instead of destroying it? Nothing.

Clean and renewable energy has become a fairy tail to public knowledge and a lie to get people into politics.
We don't need solar farms in America. We need solar farms in Egypt or Palestine.
We need to stop making science seem like something for "nerds". Science is amazing, the universe is beautiful, and imagination is just awesome. But this pseudo science and toxic against inquisitive thinking is what leads to people believing status quo is the real world. It's what makes people think fossil fuels aren't as bad as they really are.

We have always been aware that clean energy is readily available. But at what time will we realize it? What cost will it take? How late will we be?

Too late.

#NikolaTesla #Tesla #FreeEnergy #Energy #Solar #SolarEnergy #Social #TheFuture #Science #Politics
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Mark Hedtke

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My name isn't relevant to the discussion, the facts are and neither of us want Big Brother peering over our shoulder anytime!!  I happen to agree with Snowden, he provided all of us the kind of information about our government that we all should know without people like him exposing them!!
It’s time for #RealSurveillanceReform. Join me in asking the Senate to fix the loophole in the USA FREEDOM Act and end bulk data collection once and for all.
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So does this article actually indicate where the most financially challenged citizens live or it is a political statement rebuking workers who are unfairly successful??
We all know that the income distribution in the U.S. is completely uneven. According to the most recent Census reports, 80% of people share less than half of the income.
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Mark Hedtke

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Florida To Add 220 MW Of New Solar Power Capacity Nicolas Zart
Originally published on Solar Love. If you have been following solar power in America, this is a huge story. Historically, the state of Florida has been something of a solar power laggard, even though it receives a great deal of sunshine that could be used many days of every year to generate clean electricity. Politics has been
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Check out the Patriot Action Network, you're not alone!!
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What is this crap ?
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They don't call Obama the Prevaricator in Chief for nothing!!
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Absolutely, should have this feature, however I would have it designed as a sliding graphic with degrees between.  see mine here:
Mark Zuckerberg caused a bit of a stir last Friday when he revealed that they are considering a Facebook Dislike button. Top Experts weight in on the topic
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This store Franchise Owner, really knows his stuff. In searching for a battery for my older Samsung Cell Phone, he opened the case, located the battery model and checked out it's strength all for free. While days before, AT&T who I originally purchased the phone from and physically went into their store, I waited around for almost two hours, with no luck and they were unable to find a replacement battery for it!! This gentleman went online and even phoned to locate a battery in under five minutes, literally going the extra mile to locate one in another city. I'd call that exceptional service that was quick and done with a smile, with an invitation to stop by anytime.
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CiCi's is a great chain for good clean quick family dining. I like the fact that they greet everyone who enters, it shows that they are paying attention, unlike the extremely poor lack of service most notable for many other ethnic eateries. I certainly also enjoy having some good music with my meal, instead of being bombarded with some sitar screeching in the background. Suggestion remove the overhead TVs as it seems like a waste of money as you never can hear them anyhow. Overall a good value! Welcome to CiCi's!
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