Words of Dolores Cannon: "There are no guarantees, but these were some of the remarkable results Dolores and her QHHT Practitioners alike have experienced with clients during a session:

"Cancer of all types at various stages being cured
 Cartilage being reconstructed between joints
 AIDS being cured and eradicated from the body
 Heart conditions being healed, afterwards surgery is no longer required
 Deteriorated livers being regenerated and restored to full function
 Damaged kidneys being regenerated and restored to full function
 Open flesh wounds being regenerated with no scarring
 Migraines being explained and their root causes removed
 20/20 vision being restored where people no longer need corrective vision
Diabetes being cured and the causes for it explained
Intestinal problems being cured
Lower and middle back problems being cured
Neck and shoulder pains being removed
Lung associated problems being cured
Skin problems
Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination."

Dolores Cannon by Rich Buckley
Dolores Cannon is a remarkable addition to modern medicine. She refers to herself as a reporter and facilitator. Her methods seem to be universally learnable. To my knowledge her work represents a first in thousands of years, in the healing arts that is (a) drug-free, self-sufficiently void of pharmaceuticals, (b) requires no operation cutting open the body, and (c) heals the body.... enables and triggers our personal subconscious body's vast intelligence to heal itself...at a root level of cause. Taken together, her work is miraculous when viewed on all three levels through her 40-plus years of loving work. IMHO this wonderful woman deserves the highest of awards for her break-through body of work. While most known cultures worked with aspects of Cannon's methods, I'm reasonably certain she's the first in thousands of years to recognize their unified importance and combine them effectively without the usual priestly-organized-religious-distortion of what Christ is trying to teach humanity.

While working with the voice of the patient's subconscious and the patient in deep somnambulistic trance, when asked by Dolores if "it" (a separate intelligent actual voice of the emerged subconscious, spoken through the patient in deep trance) would repair the patient, and the voice affirms it will, patients are being healed instantly be the patient themselves. At this deep trance state the patient has no recollection of events. The interfering conscious mind (she humorously refers to as "Mr. Stupid") is out of the way letting the subconscious mind emerge and communicate with the hypnotist using Cannon's artfully crafted hypnotic guidance.

The subconscious seems to have access to all information whatsoever. Cannon reports hearing bones realign and seeing the patient twitch as bones and vertebrae realign, skeletal osteoporosis levels change, blood immunity and chemistry alter and improve, birth marks slowly disappear, missing cartilage rebuild, pains recede, ends ringing in the ears - tinnitus - i.e., actual audio tones like in a hearing test, even all night sweats that cause heavy, profuse cleansing sweat are seen nearly showering off the client. Patients on liver transplant lists no longer need new livers, patients on kidney transplant lists on dialysis no longer needing the organ. All sorts of heart repairs from heart valves to arteries, rebuilt and made fully operational again. Multiple dystrophy and multiple sclerosis, which I've watched friends die from, ended in one session. HIV put in complete remission in one session. Bereaved spouses communicate with past partners and gain a fulfilling sense of closure. Leukemia terminated instantly. A stubborn blistering long term, decades old blistering rash that would occur on one client's privates, then pop up on the back of his leg, then on his rear no doctor could diagnose. It was healed instantly and the Subconscious lovingly explains to the hypnotist that the client had shame for not loving his current mother. While his former mother in an earlier life was an angle who came to earth to raise the man, the man could not relate to his current mother in his present life quite the same. This caused the man to have shame and the shame was expressed with this illusive rash the doctors could not diagnose. The Subconscious ended the rash instantly once the reason was known by the client. Perhaps the most emotionally relevant experience of all was learning of the dying hospice care patient walking out of a Dolores Cannon session leaving the doctors flabbergasted with her immediate return to perfect health, leaving behind her automatic oxygen breathing tanks. Both her lower lung lobes re-inflated; the schist on her thyroid disappeared without a trace....making me think about a personal friend of mine and how I must do my part to start helping too.

In other similar research (not Cannon's) I have read of terminal cancer patients reaching exhaustion written off as terminal with hours to live, coming face to face with spiritual beings while in coma, and being told they have a choice to live or to die. Upon choosing to go ahead and live, the cancer turns off its growth and immediately commences self-healing to a full recovery within a few days. I've visited loved ones with cancer who report just getting mad at the cancer and telling their personal view of God to just either let them die or let them live but just get it over with as they equally are ready either way...and immediately start healing. This experience is often reported by Cannon's work with the miraculous voice of the subconscious saying "the needed life lesson was learned, they can move on."

The key to the healing seems to be tied to the life lesson your between-life soul chose to take on before incarnation. Sometimes it does not benefit you at a soul level of contract to allow yourself to heal through the self-healing powers of the subconscious. Your religion seems not to directly matter. Most of Cannon's early patients were from the Bible-belt. They eventually came to her from all over the world as her reputation grew. When the subconscious voice spoke that the life lesson was learned, the patient was free to heal and did so (if the client wanted to be healed - a free will choice). Dolores can not herself heal an illness which is a karmic debt unless the subconscious acknowledges the debt is satisfied and then she serves only as a guide to reach the Subconscious, bring it forth and converse with its Third Person Voice. If the life lesson was not learned or karmic debt satisfied, the patient was usually required to continue living with the affliction unhealed, as a karmic obligation. Her books focus on the wonders of her cases. 90-percent of what happens in a session is dependent on the free will choices of the client. Sometimes a person's identity becomes their ailment(s) and they chose to keep their ailments. So they do.

A totally blind person born blind can still have other ailments healed. Dolores can take them to a former life when they were sighted and recapture mental creativity for colors, shapes, and appearances. I have not read the full case studies of all the details of what all she can do with the blind but the mantra of her teachings is "They --- can do anything." On the other hand her methods haven't broken through dealing with the deaf. Her creative right-brain imaging guidance still needs a working auditory system for her client to be hypnotized into theta level trance.

Other Cannon case studies encountered inner soul beings whose between-life, after life function was to create energy, literally referred to as working in the body of the prime great loving source. There the content being enjoyed the assignment of creating light. "We send the light on to Fixers who know exactly what to do with it." The "Fixers" turned out to be the intelligent voice in each of us Dolores identifies as the subconscious or SC or "they."

Cannon reports the voice she refers to as "they" speaks with a voice-acknowledging responsibility for maintenance over every single cell in the body, with which the voice claims to be in direct communication. When the voice says it is doing something, it does it, and the evidence soon appears in the patient through healing. Most healings started immediately and were complete in a few days following the session. Many wondrous healings were completed during the session itself. Dolores took great effort to remind the reader the healings where not using her as a conduit for energy flow. The healings were the team work of the (3) Fixer (SC), (2) the Energy Creators, and (1) The Source. The healing energies came directly into the the patient 's body flowing 1-2-3, while she was just the reporter.

There is one transcending aspect to Cannon's work that seems to perhaps elevate within each of us a determination towards self improvement. I am greatly influenced by statistics. Call it the practical scientist in my conscious self. I've seen, read, dreamed and experienced too much to continue a life of doubt. Cannon's work helps me to nudge my own scales of life in the right direction even if only slightly. In reading her work I find the great mystery of life has had it's dense veil pushed back yielding more yet equally great new mysteries but now opening an expanse of great joy and erasing loneliness of soul or the constant fear of death. I think this is a form of merciful awakening.

I constantly work to live within the attitudes of love, light, appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness (especially forgiveness http://tinyurl.com/psanfy8 ) AND also always seeking assistance from a higher positive authority .... something that seems to occur for you when your subconscious takes over... we each heal ourselves.

I've read now many hundreds of cases from many different sources and apparently a healer's task as Cannon practiced is to help get you in touch with yourself even while your conscious mind is unaware.

And if you should have a lucid dream and need your body healed, try this. Remember this, speak these dream words : let's go to "The Temple of Healing" and enjoy some healing. If you seldom have lucid dreams and you want to have one, take some vitamin B-6 right before bed time. Imagine your body freed from all negativity in a temple of lights that somehow seem to magically sooth your soul. The Temple of Healing is a real place. My problem is I forget to use the most precious gift of lucid dreams productively. I usually go play, only to wake up and realize all the other great things I shoulda-coulda-woulda done. So just remember: "Temple of Healing."

Some of Dolores Cannon's 19 books are on line. I'm sure you are aware that you can often obtain free samples of any author by simply typing the author's name and "free PDF download." Don't feel bad, this a marketing tactic to first get you hooked on the subject and sell you some other book or service by the same author. So if you can download it, it is probably part of a greater marketing strategy. It seems efforts are clearly being made to broaden the base of understanding and acceptance of her many discoveries by arranging to release several of her books to the public domain. Enjoy good health.


If you have received a letter from me offering you this service, it is because I know there is a 90% chance that this technique will achieve the goals mentioned in the letter. I have come to understand "They" can do anything.
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