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Mari Therrien
Passionate about technology & people!
Passionate about technology & people!

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3 year old snapshot
These shirts say it all! Perfect gift from a fellow triplet mama Well, their birthday month has passed already so I thought I better get up early with Michelle and try to get a few thoughts captured while I have the chance.  So here's a quick "snapshot" of ...

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3 x 3
It's official, we now have three three year olds!  Happy birthday Isaiah, Avery & Ellie!  It's both hard to believe they're already three and also incredible that it was only three years ago that we were anxiously waiting to meet our Babies A, B & C!  We ar...

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Seattle Wedding Fun!
We are back in Seattle this weekend for our dear friends' wedding.  It's a great opportunity for us to come back and see all our friends!  And everyone had a part in the wedding so that was fun too.  The kiddos were part of a "kiddos parade" and all three w...

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Florida kids!
Well it has been a LONG time since I updated the blog.  We have been busy busy getting settled in Tallahassee.  We have checked out a bunch of parks and done a ton of projects at home.  It feels like a bunch of projects remain to be done, but it's getting t...

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Quick summary of our first day/night in the house in bullets because I don't have Internet at the house yet and kids will be up any second... 1. Get to the house with 3 keys, one on a ring, the others loose. Neighbor comes over to say hi and in the course o...

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The LONG way to Florida
Well the first leg of our journey from PA to FL is complete.  The movers arrived around 10am on Monday the 27th and after some final packing and cleaning we were on the road by 3pm. checking out the big truck! my cleaning helper saying goodbye to Jess who h...

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Three weeks and counting
Wow, I didn't blog the entire month of May!  That is the first month I have missed in the past three years!  To be fair though, this past month has been insanely busy around here.  I was anticipating that my workload would be gradually dropping off before t...

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Auntie Tracy takes on the Triple(t) Threat
Early in March Michelle and I were really debating whether to bring the kiddos down to Tallahassee with us for our house hunting trip.  We were actually leaning towards bringing them since we didn't know who would want to hang out with them for four or five...

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A fun visit from Grandma Stephen
Oops!  These pics have been sitting in an unwritten blog post for over a month now!  Early in March Grandma Stephen came to visit and the kiddos had a blast with her as always!  I didn't take enough pictures, but here are a few that capture some great momen...

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The Triple(t) Threat is flying south
Wow!  It is already the middle of April and it's been a month since the last time I actually sat down to write a blog post.  And as usual, I had to get up before the kiddos to do it.  Likely I'll only get ten minutes before at least one of them wakes up. Ma...
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