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Michael Julius
Family, healthcare, and DnD
Family, healthcare, and DnD

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Has anyone here run Barrowmaze as kind of West Marches game? A nice little safe town and multiple sessions/groups over a period of time?

I purchased the first a few years ago and ran it for some students. It was a bloodbath. The torchbearers crawled out of the chaos and became their new characters. I missed the opportunity to get Barrowmaze II before the whole project folded into Complete and beyond what I can comfortably spend.

So whats with Complete? I know it details Helix and I guess it has a lot of artwork and like 50 (!?) barrows... I guess I've fallen out of the loop.

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Updated and reposted from my tangled archive. This is probably the cleanest mechanic that I'v ever written and might be of interest to the community..

Looking for something to read?

I dumped two silos of bookmarks and a link list from a previous incarnation of my blog into a single post.

I'm going to organize all of it! [uh-huh. sigh.] Anyway, the OSR is collectively brilliant. There's a lot of good stuff in this pile..

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I'm prepping my 2017 games and so I naturally hacked up something that was already perfectly useful. All the fiddly bits: charm, luck, money, etc.. are my additions. The frame was made by someone else.

I think that I took the original character sheet from deep in this community but I can't turn up the original. Does anyone know who made this?

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Jaroslav Panuška (Czech , 1872-1958) , Death Looking into the Window of One Dying


On the eighth day of Oddvent, I give you...

The Book of Crushing Force

Swindled ages ago from its deeply filed place in the Great Library of Bastion, The Book of Crushing Force has since found itself in countless libraries across the failed cities of the Deep Country. It is said to contain truths so heavy that it could crush the head of the unworthy.

The book, powerful as it is, requires a WIL save to open. A failure will cause the book to assume such tremendous weight that it will drop to the floor, through the floor, and all floors beneath, to the ground, through that ground, and all grounds beneath, to the physical bottom of space and below that.

On a success, the book will provide the character with a single piece of undeniably remarkable campaign knowledge that they may use to destroy the entire fabric of the game world. Once.


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Scenes from the Oedipal inner quarters of Bastion.

Apologies if this has been discussed before. In "Hack and Slash" where the hit says, "At your option, you may choose to do +1d6 damage but expose yourself to the enemy’s attack. On a 7–9, you deal your damage to the enemy and the enemy makes an attack against you", do these two instances:

- expose yourself to the enemy’s attack
- enemy makes an attack against you

simply mean take damage or do they trigger another move (and dice roll) that the PC must react against?

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Here's a nice little reminder that the characters probably look like hell so you can punish them a little bit for it. Plus it's an easy mechanic to run. Give the charismatic a little grief but remind the rest that they smell like a s***hole.

"Being on the road, camping in the wilderness, or exploring the underground is filthy work. Civilized people will tolerate some grubbiness, but after a full day of any such activity, characters are at half effective Charisma until they’ve had a chance to clean up. This mainly affects dealing with merchants, meeting new people, hiring help, and other negotiations."
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