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Chris Pepin
Husband, father of three, CT resident, New England sports fan, IBM executive
Husband, father of three, CT resident, New England sports fan, IBM executive

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Jackbox Games for AppleTV - thumbs up!
Jackbox Games  including Fibbage, Quiplash and others have breathed new life into my AppleTV series 4 with a series of great party games. The latest model of AppleTV is the only one that has an app store, just like iPhone and iPad that allows you to install...

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UGREEN Elastic Organizer Board review - thumbs up!
I recently purchased a large UGREEN elastic organizer board from Amazon on sale for $8.13 and I'm a big fan. The zipper on a Vaultz mesh bag I had been using recently broke and I needed a replacement. The 8.5 x 11 inch board contains a variety of elastic ba...

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Amazon Dash Wand - thumbs up!
The new  Amazon Dash Wand puts Alexa in the palm of your hand complete with a barcode scanner to add items to your shopping cart. It runs off two AA batteries and it took all of one minute to setup and configure by connecting to my home wi-fi network. The D...

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Amazon Basics laptop/tablet sleeves - thumbs up!
I've used  Amazon Basics laptop/tablet sleeves for several years and I'm a big fan. I own 6 in a variety of sizes - one for each of my device. Here's why I'm a fan: Protects my laptops and tablets from scratches when traveling. I load all my gear in a High ...

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My take on Apple WWDC 2017 - thumbs down!
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference kicked off yesterday with a two hour keynote. My take: tvOS - thumbs down. Amazon Prime Video app coming later this year isn't enough to compete. Apple did say that new features are also coming later this year watchOS ...

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Uplift standing desk - thumbs up!
I recently remodeled my home office and decided to replace my office desk with a standing desk. We use standing desks at my IBM office. After researching several options, I decided on the Uplift standing desk from The Human Solution . My summary and video r...

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Allagash Brewery Tour 2017
I embarked on a weekend trip from Connecticut to Maine with a group of fellow craft beer buddies to  visit the following breweries: Treehouse  Trillium Maine Beer Foundation Allagash Battery Steele Barreled Souls Tributary Many of these breweries are among ...

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Costco hot dog - thumbs up!
I'm a huge fan of Costco and my absolute favorite item of all time is the $1.50 food court hot dog that comes with free soda with unlimited refills. Costco sells over 100 million hot dogs a year and the price hasn't increased since Costco first opened in 19...

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IBM at the Tribeca Film Festival
I had the privilege of staffing the IBM Lounge  at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City last week which provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with IBM subject matter experts to learn how technology can be applied to storytelling. ...

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Automatic IoT connected car kit - thumbs up!
I recently purchased an Automatic V2 connected car kit through Amazon for a great discount - $47. Automatic has two newer models, the Lite and the Pro, that are significantly more expensive and have features I don't need (Pro: cellular connectivity, Lite: m...
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