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Tea is the best beverage I know to start my breakfast with. It is a nice drink any time.

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Making And Drinking A Cup Of Green Tea Part1
I like tea. I like to make and drink a cup of black or red tea. Tea is the only liquid that is universally drunk next to water. You cannot find any other beverage to beat tea in this. The beverage has a nice aromatic flavor. There is no nation or culture wh...

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Ayurvedic Therapy; Goodmorning Water Medicine That Flush Your Digestive And Respiratory System Part2
Ayurvedic: early morning
water treatment. It is an ancient Indian method of treating ill-health by means
of water only. The
treatment is so effective that some of these diseases cured by ayurvedic
therapy will not respond easily to western medical practice....

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Drink some water during night if you wake up to urinate. Drink some water early in the morning an hour before breakfast.

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Ayurvedic Therapy: Good morning Water medicine That flush Your Digestive And Excretory Systems
Ayurvedic therapy is an ancient Indian practice of drinking water early in the morning in order to get rid of waste deposits inside the body from the food digest and poisonous deposits. In my treatment on the citrus fruit juices, I wrote it is better on wak...

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Lime essential oil is a good antiseptic for the skin and I use it to care for my hair. A little drop is all that is need.

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Make and enjoy your warm glass of citrus fruit juice in the morning!

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Try lemon juice with some meals you eat. It will help you in overcoming vitamin C deficiency.

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Try a glass of dilute lime fruit juice3 times a day if you had a cold issue and see wonderful healing result in three days!
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