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Bebe Mozz
photography, selfportrait,horror,faceless,fashion, kawai, nature, art, forest, fog
photography, selfportrait,horror,faceless,fashion, kawai, nature, art, forest, fog

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words written last year
sun shines blue sky dying tulips in the kitchen we are all thirsty bebe mozz 17.03.16

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it's been a while - flashback
i've been thinking about writing stuff here on my abandoned blog again bwhehehehe here is me playing drums  -— an absolute beginner 😜

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2016 - i'm still
yes. i'm still ...i'm still bebe from the block.

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aah. ugh.
20.05.2015 fact: - can't stop listening to muse. - going to muse concert at the end of this month. omg. how real is thisss.

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i can't stop listening to " yellow ledbetter " " black " by pearl jam. (bebe cries)  here is a self - portrait in bw and color. can't go dance in my forest room because i got injured- my ribs.. from tkd training last week. it's a bit pathetic. i hate bedrest.

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rockin chair, cookies, nice weather.
friday night. making cookies. 100% vegan. now, please don't give me that look. i am not an extremist. in fact i eat fish like.. twice in a year :D   one morning at the public park, teaching my lil puppy how to ride a bike. the weather was nice.  vintage cam...

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BE - be -
ck be, bebe lotion. bwhehehe, my name is bebe. how to dance to "white rabbit" video can be seen on you tube                              tabout two weeks ago, outside the city. was looking for  lonely trees. nice landscapes ^^

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friday, i am the celebrity.
currently answering some questions for a project  not my project though, but i've participated in that project: #iamthecelebrity on instagram.   it's been 4 days since i received the questions,.but i haven't quite finished with my answers and the deadline i...

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a man.
at the bus stop 5:46 pm i saw a man he looked fine, tall i am short i suddenly sang a song ( in my head ) "can't take my eyes off of you" at home i told myself that i've changed a bit i didn't ask the man where i can get one a yellow coat his yellow coat i ...

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the difference between "selfie" and "self - portraits"
selfie self - portraits my profile on photoVogue
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