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Project Firefly
Project Firefly is the Global Platform for Academic Talents
Project Firefly is the Global Platform for Academic Talents

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Dear Fireflies, we have redesigned our Google+ channel and are now live! Circle us to get the latest news and insights on our upcoming projects. Join the #ProjectFirefly’s growing community!

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How to choose the right candidates from a multitude of university graduates? Project Firefly, the alternative platform for recruiting young #talent, makes it possible. Here are the results of the program two years after it was launched.
Thanks for all your support +Credit Suisse !

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“Do you have any questions?” - You will probably hear this one at the end of any interview and the golden rule is, of course, never give “no” as an answer. As a matter of fact, your questions might also be turned into a good strategic move…

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«The global business community needs responsible leaders, and not managers, who can only guide the actions of fellow workers…»

Namita Narkar dwells on modern management's shifts, its biggest challenges and values in the 21st century.

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We are happy to welcome two new finance professors to our ARB: Prof.Urs Peyer from INSEAD and Prof.Pascal Gantenbein from University of Basel.

Don't miss the chance to have your work reviewed and recognised by outstanding professionals! Submit your essay to the AIC competition now and win a trip to Hong Kong!

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JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs stepping into social media channels: a good move towards increased transparency or an inevitable crumbling under scrutiny?

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The trailer for the 2014 Asian Investment Conference is out now!!!
Check it out!!
Don't miss your chance to compete. There are still three and a half weeks left.

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How successful was 2013 for you? 

Radoslav Dragov takes an alternative look at the 'year in review' as he picks his villains and judges their performance.

Thank you Rado and Happy New Year to everybody!

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Great News!

Prof. Raghavendra Rau, 'Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’ Professor of Finance from Cambridge University, is now a member of Project Firefly’s Academic Review Board. Prof. Rau is eager to review your submissions.

Check out Prof.Rau’s biography. 

Boost your resumé and career prospects; grasp the opportunities offered by Project Firefly and have your work reviewed by world renowned professors.
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