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Living in the present moment surrounded by natures beauty to create positive thoughts
Living in the present moment surrounded by natures beauty to create positive thoughts

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Budding Trees by

Budding trees burst with joy
As the day awakens to the rising sun;
Leaves pop open on each tender branch
Nature’s work has just begun.

A warm breeze flows from the wind
As it gently touches the tree;
A song is heard from the moving leaves
Softly swaying with a rhythmic glee.

Gentle rain falls from the sky
Washing away the dust in the air;
Drops of dew accumulate upon each leaf
Nourishment that provides its care.

As the fog begins to lift and fade away
The wind sends a stronger breeze;
Sun shines brightly as the clouds drift apart
Sending warmth to the budding trees.

#sue2u  #nature #positivity   #poetry   #spring   #positivethinking #positivethoughts  
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Spring Beauty by

These daffodils pop up from the earth
To welcome the warmth of the sun;
Tis an early sign from nature
That warmer days are yet to come.

Bright yellow blossoms greet the eye
Upon their long sturdy green stems;
Flowering bulbs of the Spring season
Oh how we always welcome them.

Cut a few to bring indoors and admire
What a cheerful sight to see;
Yellow glowing colors stand out
Providing nature’s beauty to thee.

A cheerful message these flowers send
That this day is as precious as the next;
A moment of time not to go unnoticed
For life is not meant to be so complex.

#poem  #Spring #Sue2u  #positive thoughts #positivity  #flowers #poetry #nature  
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A Sign of Spring

This blade of green grass
Tis a sure sign of Spring;
Rising from the cold earth
Look what it will bring.

A gift of hope
Warmer days are yet to come;
Hiding beside winter’s kill
Hurray! Spring has just begun.

Life awakens as daylight increases
From the darkness of former days;
Nature’s garden is brewing
From the energy of the sun’s rays.

A new beginning lies ahead
Just waiting to be discovered;
In this transition of the seasons
Are moments waiting to be uncovered. 

#sue2u #positivity   #spring  #poetry
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Merry Christmas .....from

Tis Christmas Day full of good memories
Of all the wonderful times that have past;
With the special gifts from loved ones
And thoughts that will forever last.

The tree is brilliantly lit with glow
With the wrapped presents down under;
Patiently awaiting to be opened
In awe of this Christmas season wonder.

A fire warms the chilly room 
With dancing flames that endlessly glow;
Waiting for people to gather
To celebrate with laughter and a HOHO.

Snow gently falls from the sky
Blanketing the ground with white;
Nature’s gift to cleanse the soul
And offer this gift of light.

Blessings shine upon a glorious day
As we celebrate it with a loved one;
The future is bright in this warm winter light
For all the New Year days yet to come. 

#christmas   #holidayseason   #merrychristmas   #poems   #poetry   #sue2u   #positivethinking   #positivity
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Winter Solstice

Winter has come and the dark days here
But do not spend time in this fear
Yes the days are cold 
And the north wind does blow
But look to the sunshine that rises today.

Each moment now that passes is a delight
For the hours of increasing daylight
And the new hopes for the upcoming year
Wonders in your life will soon appear 
To the increasing light in your life.

Be present in this moment in December
Winter Solstice is a time to enjoy and remember
Gaze towards the hours of the day
That will be celebrated with the upcoming holiday
And appreciate the year that has past.

Winter Solstice I fear you no longer
Your bring life to me that wants to wonder 
New hope for the future that is brewing
Like soup on the stove that is stewing
Welcome this day the 21st of December. 

#wintersolstice   #thoughts   #positiving   #poetry   #december21st   #sue2u   #lifequotes   #positvequotes   #positivethinking   #positivethoughts  
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From the time you rise 
Till the day is done;
Transition your spirit
With the movement of the sun.

As it rises in the eastern sky
Sending the light for the morning;
Transition your body
But take notice to your yawning.

Wake up and feel alive
New thoughts come your way;
Transition your mind
To the path of the day.

Enjoy each and every moment
That is meant for you now;
Transition to peace
Your body needs this chow.

Night knocks on the front door
As the sun goes down to the west;
Transition to sleep
You soul needs to rest. 

#sue2u   #poetry   #positivethinking   #positivethoughts   #transition   #poem   #liveinthepresent   #liveinthemoment  
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This World is meant for you - by

Keep busy like the bees
Enjoying in life what you do;
Do not waste a moment of time
This world is meant for you.

Nature provides the food
That feeds your hungry soul;
Consume it like the bees
Watch your day begin to unfold.

Take notice to life’s beauty
As the sun begins to rise;
A palette of vibrant colors
Right in front of those eyes.

Do not to let time pass by
Pay attention to what you do;
Live today as if it were your last
This world is meant for you.

#poetry   #poem   #positivity   #positivethinking   #positivethoughts   #life  
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Wake Up To Enjoy the Day - by

Wake up with a smile this morning
Shout out “GOOD DAY” with a scream;
This day is worth opening your eyes
Do not spend any more time in your dream.

Sun shines brightly to the morning light
And the blue skies become alive;
Trust your instinct as the day breaks
Today will be an awesome day to rise.

Seek to find the dream that awaits,
To the golden skies of the west.
It rides upon your left shoulder
Take notice to its special interest.

It will grab you by surprise 
Perhaps you may feel quite strange;
Be prepared with positive thoughts
As you accept this awesome change.

#poetry   #positivethinking   #positivethoughts   #poem  
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Follow the Flow - by

Flow like the water
That leads you to your dream;
Follow the current
That winds around the stream.

Life is a precious gift
So grateful to be here;
Follow the voice
That is whispering in your ear.

Trust that around the bend
There is a place for you;
Follow the raging rapids 
That float towards your view.

In the distance not yet reached
Your destiny draws near;
Follow the bank of the stream
That is leading you this year.

#poetry   #poem   #positivethinking   #positivethoughts  
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The Game of Life

Life is a wonderful game
Game that has its rules
Rules to understand
Understand and follow
Follow each day of life
Life given to me and you
You are in control of the play
Play each move with care
Care from the heart 
Heart that is full of love
Love the present moment
Moment that is precious and dear.

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#poetry   #positivethinking   #positivity   #poem   #sue2u   #life  
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