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I did a coolant flush on my 351w. I filled the radiator with 2 gallons of coolant but still need to fill 2 gallons of water. Is there still water in the system?

Hi scott my 351w went to 210 again because of transmission issues. is that overheating and should i be concerned? it probably ovrheated the transmission. help!

Scott, Do you think oil acummulaters are worth installing on a car?

My c6 transmission makes a winning noise after a rebuild, but when i add fluid to it, it stops then comes back after a sec. do I need to pull it out again? any thoughts Scott?

My dad floored my 351w for 6 seconds at 150 still warming up. is that a concern?

Is it bad for my engine if it goes to 200 rpms then dies? I'm trying to fix my carburetur but didn't take that into account.

My 351w goes to 190* then when I shut it of; 205*. Is that overheating? I'm concerned.

When i added transmission fluid to my c6 transmission, i think there was a little dirt in the funnel. Will it be just fine because of the filter or should i drop the pan and clean?

I installed a new c6 transmission in my 85 bronco. When I started it, it made a slight power steering noise by the bell housing. I'm councerned that it's damaging something. Please help!
Ps. . Is it bad to crank the engine for 8 seconds since its been sitting for a month?

HELP! I just idled my 84 351W and saw that the temp was between 210-220 and after I shut it off kept rising to 230. After 10 minutes I opened the radiator cap because it was unexpectedly not hot and realized it was 3/4 full because of a leak. I pray nothing got damaged. It ran fine and the only thing that I saw was a hot engine And pressure releasing through the overflow. I just hope nothing got damaged!!! I can't afford it. 
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